West Laurel Hill

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Growing a perpetual legacy.


West Laurel Hill is known for its historic landscape and beautiful collection of mature trees and specimen shrubs. From the earliest years of West Laurel Hill, the arboretum has been a vital component of the Cemetery’s beauty. The Cemetery’s founder, John Jay Smith, devoted much of his time to supervising the arboretum, as he was extremely knowledgeable and interested in horticulture and landscape gardening. Today, West Laurel Hill is still known for its variety and examples of unique trees and shrubbery. The harmonious blending of form and color enhance the already rich effect of the planting. The arboretum carefully selects and maintains a diverse collection of trees and flowers to benefit wildlife and enhance the natural beauty of the grounds. Diversification ensures the Cemetery’s status as an arboretum, and a leader in sustainable landscape management.