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I am a historian and published author with a passion for making history and culture fun and relatable journey for everyone. My academic investigations engage with the impact of popular culture in our society. I also advocate for the control and ownership the public has over historical narratives and our engagement with the past away from the watchful academic eye. I am a native-born explorer of the world. I am very privileged because I come from a beautiful part of the world called Cantabria (Spain) that is overlooked yet full of fascinating history. My first trip abroad was at the early age of 2. My family took me to Paris on the train and I had a blast! I am incredibly lucky to have a family with a passion for having adventures and discovering new exciting places, so I just embraced it with my whole being. I love jumping on a plane and going somewhere new, in the same way, that I enjoy a proper road trip somewhere local to rediscover things that perhaps I took for granted. There is something special and worth exploring everywhere, you just need to look out for it. My passion for tour guiding started in 2010 in Winchester (UK) where I learnt the ropes to be a cathedral tower tour guide. Operating at other local sites, I developed my knowledge of the touring industry by engaging with tour operators, cruise ships, summer schools and the general public. With my academic knowledge of history and culture and my love for travelling, I have taken my tour guiding passion beyond the UK, taking individuals and small groups around Europe, going as far as organizing travel, bookings and selecting the best experiences for the trip and the individual needs. I am a natural storyteller and I want everyone to join in my tours to share these stories and experiences with them because I believe they are worth living, creating endearing memories in the process. The things I want to show you should not just be kept inside dusty history books!


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