Venice - What's on Venice's South Side?

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What's on Venice's South Side?

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(223 reviews)
South Side, Venice, Italy
30 mins

About the tour

A tour to Venice is one you should definitely not miss! Andrea’s guided virtual tour of Venice is packed with adventure, mystery, and romance. Boxing ring on a bridge? Check. A set for Indiana Jones' Last Crusade? Check. And a square where they make gondolas? Check. From the city’s beautiful canals to its water taxis, you’ll get to explore Venice’s popular tourist attractions and hidden gems. But that's not all. The floating city isn’t just famous for its grand canals and gondola rides - on this virtual tour of Venice, you’ll also discover incredible food and wine, and capture stunning marble architecture sitting pretty on the Venetian Lagoon. You’ll get to experience one of the most postcard-perfect places on Earth while listening to fascinating stories about iconic places like Doge Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica. Couldn’t get any better? There’s more. The south side of Venice is filled with fun and curious stories that will keep you entertained and asking for more!

Meet Andrea


Besides been a licensed tour guide and a freelance journalist, I’m a musician, playing with the most popular reggae singer in my country (who by the way doesn’t sing in Italian, or in English, but in Venetian dialect, never heard of Venetian reggae?) . A 40 years experience on the stage helps me a lot during the tours, because the tour for me it’s like a show, with its climax and anticlimax. Above all anyway, I'm a real Venetian, born and raised in the city. I like therefore to share with passion and my knowledge of this unique city, mixing in my strolling along the city information, fun facts, personal experiences that I think help you to enjoy a unique tour. I’m one of the “eldest” guide on this platform, because when it started there were just three destinations, including mine. I liked a lot the idea of running virtual tours when everything was blocked, but when John and Liam involved me in June 2020, I couldn’t imagine how big this community could have grown, and I’m really proud to be part of it since the beginning.

What to expect

Get ready for something special. We’re travelling to Venice with no passport, no plane ticket and no luggage. And yet you’ll experience all the sights, sounds and stories with just your laptop, favorite snack and an amazing content creator.

The tour will last about 30 mins and will be live-streamed by your content creator directly from Venice. Forget about slideshows or pre-recorded videos, this is a live broadcast and anything can happen!

While on the tour you’ll be able to see a full screen video of your content creator and their surroundings, interact with them and other travellers through the live chat, see where you are in the world on a map and show your appreciation with a tip.

Why are they tip-supported?

We are running these tours on a tip-supported basis to make them as accessible as possible. They are free to join, but you have the option to leave a tip during the tour.

The majority of your tip goes directly to support the channel, while the rest helps Heygo continue to build a place that brings the world closer together.

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Reviews from travellers

Lori M.

13 May 2021

Friendly and knowledgeable!

Robyn H.

12 May 2021

Enjoyable. It was wonderful to go inside the church & also climb to the top for the view. When I was in Quito in 2018 we were not able to go inside the church. We saw pictures but is not the same.

Hilary S.

12 May 2021

How disappointing for Andrea to be a half and hour late!! I was unable to join the tour at 10:30am.

Christine (Hi from W.Yorkshire UK) G.

11 May 2021

Andrea was so upset that he mixed up the time of his tour but he's such a good guide we didn't mind waiting half an hour for him! He shoewd us some lovelly and special parts of the south side of Venice that more than made up for everything! II will tour with him again!

(UK): Caroline P.

11 May 2021

beautiful as always

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