Kampala - The Royal Mile: Buganda Kingdom Walking Lane & 56 Clans + Language Learning

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The Royal Mile: Buganda Kingdom Walking Lane & 56 Clans + Language Learning

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Road Stretch, Kampala, Uganda
60 mins

About the tour

Uganda has 6 known Kingdoms, 54 tribes and over 41 local languages spoken. Buganda Kingdom from which Uganda is named is the largest Kingdom located in the central region of the country next to the shores of Lake Victoria. Buganda Kingdom has an interesting culture and its language Luganda is among the top 3 languages also known as the business language in this country hence widely spoken. Baganda people the largest ethnic community really love their King locally known as Kabaka. A story is told in the 1900's the King used to pass a specific road riding a bicycle passing his people and waving. Each person waved back and were excited holding their chest smiling shyly retelling with excitement "Kabaka anjagala, Kabaka anjagala" loosely translated the King loves/likes me. So this road and trees that align it was named Kabaka anjagala road or the Royal Mile. This tour will be along this road which has also been aligned with the 52-56 clans and totem monuments of Buganda Kingdom enclosed by the heritage offices or Buganda Parliament and King's Palace each end in Mengo. You will also see the gateway (Nantawetwa Monument) only used by the Kabaka from his palace (Lubiri) to his offices because the King cannot drive rounding on around about, he only drives on a straight road. Not even the president can use this gateway, only the Buganda King. We will also get glimpses of the Buganda Kingdom Buckingham Palace a duplicate of the United Kingdom's Buckingham Palace and it's history especially of the great King who brought women empowerment in the 1900's from his UK studies. Yes- we will learn some Luganda words such as welcome, money ( Baganda are business people), coming, sorry, thank you, bambi- etc. Kale, tugende! (Ok, Let's go!)

Meet Nandy Karo

Nandy Karo

Nandy is venturing into freelance tour guiding with the same enthusiasm she shares as she explores different unique places around the world. From her beloved country of Uganda, to the East African region and the rest of the world, Nandy is excited to share her experiences and travels of countries around the world. Aya Twende! (Ok Lets Go!)

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Reviews from travellers

Debbie 📚 🇨🇦 ..

03 July 2021

This was more like a class than a tour. Nandy had information to share but there wasn't much to see. I enjoyed it when she started showing the animal statues but needed to hold the camera steady for a bit longer so we could take postcards. After some practice and refinement there should be improvements.


03 July 2021

Walking to view the statues great plan and exercise. Many of images were not seen well for postcard.

Alison(YorkshireUK) T.

03 July 2021

Thank you so much for all the effort your put into this trip. It was interesting learning all the history. If I may suggest - try and work on your timing - perhaps you spent a little too much time at the beginning on the vocabulary translations which made the walk a bit rushed. And also some practice with the camera add gimble as it could have been smoother and less rushed. It was difficult to get the statues/models in the camera lens which was frustrating as these postcards are my main diary of the trip. Having said that, I enjoyed it and am sure that next time it will be a 5. Thank you again.

Edie M.

03 July 2021

It was fun to learn some expressions in Bugandan, one of Uganda’s many languages . She told us about the youngest King and walked us down The Royal Mile.

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