Hanoi - Vietnamese Coffee Masterclass

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Vietnamese Coffee Masterclass

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Hoàng's home, Hanoi, Vietnam
60 mins

About the tour

**Disclaimer - Please note due to Covid restrictions in Hanoi this tour will currently be done at the guide's home** Let's travel! Visit Hanoi city and sit down to brew a cup of coffee. Making a cup of coffee in Vietnam is a whole process that you barely have free time in the middle. But it's also not a really complicated task to start the day with. First, we need a perfect set of filter and coffee, the right filter and the right coffee. We will brew coffee together, step by step. Brewing is not hard, it's just busy. Then I will show you how different our coffee is compare to the rest. How it combines with our special filter to make a perfect pair. The most fascinating part of the coffee making is "the waiting time", which we will experience what it's like to be in a Vietnamese Coffeeshop. And of course, admire the view of Vietnam. Last but not least, COFFEE APPRECIATION. Enjoying a good cup of coffee can be much more if you have someone to guide you through it. Vietnamese coffee usually really strong, so you might be overwhelmed. Don't worry, with my instruction, hopefully you can see all the layers in a sip of Vietnamese coffee, to find out why it's highly addictive. Other things to note Having Robusta Coffee Beans is a must. The taste of Vietnamese coffee can't be found in Arabica Beans. What to bring: Vietnamese Coffee Filter (Phin) Fine ground coffee (Trung Nguyen Cofee) Hot water (80 - 95 celcius) Sugar Condensed milk (if possible) A small plate A full stomach to avoid coffee drunk 2 spoons

Meet Lê Hoàng / Jude

Lê Hoàng / Jude

Over the last 5 years, Hoàng has been a local guide in Hanoi and welcomed thousands of guests to his tours all over the country, and received countless compliments for his hospitality and service. Now Hoàng is bringing his service and Vietnam's coffee to you with this online experience. Hoàng was born and raised in Hanoi City, the heart of Coffee Culture in Vietnam. So he loves coffee by default. Hoàng's father taught him how to brew coffee when he was 6 and since then, he never stopped brewing. Becoming a guide helped Hoàng a lot in improving his coffee brewing skills. He got to know more about the culture and got tips everywhere in Vietnam, from other coffee lovers. And now, he's ready to share his passion with his viewers, fellow travellers and coffee lovers.

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Reviews from travellers


14 September 2021


Lori S.

19 August 2021

Hoàng was friendly, funny, super knowledgeable, and patient with my questions. :-) The class was well paced. I highly recommend having the items ready to make the coffee at the same time as your fabulous barista/tour guide! I have been living in the south of Vietnam and I drink delicious Vietnamese coffee every day. However, I heard that the northern Hanoi style coffee and preparation would be different and it really is! I found the class to be so interesting! I learned a lot! I'm going to keep practicing at home to perfect my coffee making. I find it really fun and relaxing to brew the Vietnamese coffee myself. And considering we're in lockdown and all the coffee shops are closed, I have to have my coffee shop at home. ;-) I also really enjoyed hearing about Hanoian culture too! :-) Thank you so much, Hoàng! Hope to take a walking tour in Hanoi with you one day! :-)

Katherine D.

11 August 2021

Informative and engaging

Dawn (Toronto) S.

10 August 2021

Very informative. Liked learning about Vietnamese coffee culture. Very different from what I am used to.

Stacey P.

10 August 2021

A very lovely experience. He walked step-by-step how to brew the perfect cup of Vietnamese coffee while nice music played in the background. While the coffee was brewing, he talked about the process, the differences in beans, and how coffee culture is different in the North and South regions of the country. Very interesting class. I'm going to get some supplies and start making my summer iced coffee this way!

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