Emilia Romagna - Vespa Ride Through the Italian Mountains Arriving at a Sunset Over the Sea

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Vespa Ride Through the Italian Mountains Arriving at a Sunset Over the Sea

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Gabicce Mare and Gabicce Monte, Emilia Romagna, Italy
30 mins

About the tour

Hop on my Vespa with me as we ride through Gabicce Monte (mountains) and Gabicce Mare (sea)! This area in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy is known for being double the splendid Bella Vista! The mountains to our left, the sea to our right. We will have a mostly silent, peaceful ride until we arrive at the overlook and then we can watch the sunset together and you can ask my questions. I will end our time together with one of my short poems. Because sunsets love poems.

Meet Annie


Annie Wood is a Hollywood native, TV/film actor, writer & Internationally exhibited mixed media artist. She was the host and co-producer of the nationally syndicated dating game show, BZZZ! making her the 3rd woman solo dating game show host in the history of television. She’s the author of the new young adult novel, Just a Girl in the Whirl. Annie is also a certified yoga and meditation teacher and passionate about mindfulness and creativity. She created the courses, Zen and the Art of Creating on Skillshare and Seize Your Creativity on Listenable. Annie’s tours in and around Los Angeles will focus on peaceful sunset meditations and Vespa rides around her hometown. Join Annie for a moment of zen and a bit of local L.A. life!

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Reviews from travellers

David and Wendy h.

19 June 2021

Well, that was fun, Annie, and different. I would have liked to see more of the scenery as you intended, but understand the signal problems. You coped very well in the circumstances, and the sunset was beautiful.

Shirley T.

17 June 2021

Disappointing ride through mountains didnt work no sunset and no information seemed unplanned and unprepared looks like a fantastic place but was amateurish and not well presented best bit the cute dog

Sue H.

17 June 2021

Dear Annie - thank you so much for sharing your holiday with your husband and your cute dog with us. The refreshing in-the-moment experience of taking us up to see the su set with you was fantastic. It felt like we were holidaying too!

Lianne R.

17 June 2021

That was painful. Staring at a sunset and filling the rest in with mindless drivel. Besides the technical issues (which wasn't even my chief concern, although somewhat annoying), I found the whole tour shallow and without any meaningful 'take away'. As a teacher, I would never come to class unprepared and waste my students' time, and yet, here we are. Annie did not know what certain signs were about and had to rely on husband to translate and read aloud (boring), Annie did not know what the breakers were at the beach and had to ask husband, at one point she didn't even know what the beach was called (and had to ask husband--maybe he should be the tour guide). There was constant prattle about a particular disco (and so what?), and a restaurant that we kept having to stare at. More fluff on having 'helmet head', her dog, her newsletter, her poem, filling the time with 'welcome so-and-so' and 'thanks for tip'...blah, blah, blah. I had rather hoped to hear a little about the history of Rimini and surrounding area, what importance the beach might have had or what it is known for, local culture, important stores, local art and artists, stuff like that--I mean, the whole area was part of the Roman empire, and later connections to Constantinople, and the Renaissance--did nothing happen here of note? Even I knew Federico Fellini, the great Italian firm director, is from the area (Rimini). No mention of that. I invited a friend and she dropped out and I left knowing nothing more about that area than I already know. Not up to the usual Heygo standard, I'm afraid

Orysia S.

16 June 2021

It was a fun tour

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