Kampala - UG Building Materials I: Making Housing Bricks

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UG Building Materials I: Making Housing Bricks

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Muyenga hills, Kampala, Uganda
30 mins

About the tour

Uganda is gifted with fertile soils not just for it's tropical plants growth but the different soil types are great material building blocks. Traditionally our forefathers used only soil and sticks for building such as grass thatched houses/huts made of wattle and sticks, sometimes coloured with cow dung acting as cement for plaster and decorations. Personally, I spent my first 4 years on earth happily sleeping in my grannys' grass hut in the village before I was brought to Kampala city to start my education. Development with time has exposed people to modernised building materials such as brick burning. Reddish soil is particularly great in making bricks for building forming the largest percentage of most building materials for housing. A two roomed house will take about 1000 bricks. The process of making bricks can be hectic- from gathering the soil, to fetching water, to mixing the soil to shaping and burning a 7000 brickhold locally known as "tanulu". Once the bricks are shaped, they will be organised and piled high on one another to a 20m or higher vertical tanulu for burning all night until the bricks are finely cooked to their desired colour of light red, light orange dependent on the type of brick and soil type. If not well cooked, the 7000 or 10000 tanulu will go to waste. Therefore, enough firewood preparation and experience has to be available to avoid any losses. A niced cooked tanulu will bring off a particular nice smell of burnt soil. The bricks also vary in types such as the common soil bricks, mixture of soil and clay bricks, clay bricks and their prices vary with clay bricks more expensive doubling the prices of others due to its strength and ability to suck in water particularly for those who build in swampy areas. Our tour located in Muyenga a Kampala surbub area be about the brick making process and we will see if we can make a tanulu- ok not really. Oh yes- granny's wattle house now being rented was so strong that it's still there rehabilitated now and then 60years on. Hope to Heygo with you there sometime. For now, catch ya at the tanulu! PS: If you are looking for something fancy, clean and colourful, am afraid this will not be it- sorry in advance🤭

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Nandy Karo

Nandy is venturing into freelance tour guiding with the same enthusiasm she shares as she explores different unique places around the world. From her beloved country of Uganda, to the East African region and the rest of the world, Nandy is excited to share her experiences and travels of countries around the world. Aya Twende! (Ok Lets Go!)

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