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Catalonia - The Vermouth Experience - Make your very own Vermouth!

The Vermouth Experience - Make your very own Vermouth!

(84 reviews)
Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain
45 mins

About the tour

Welcome to The Vermouth Experience! Join me in my private bar El Alambique, an let us explore the history of Vermouth, what Vermouth is, where the name comes from, and how it is made. During this master class and workshop, we will make our own vermouth together. You have probably had Vermouth as part of a cocktail, like Negroni, Manhattan or Dry Martini, but did you know that the Ancient Greeks and Romans took it for its medicinal benefits? As early as the Shang Dynasty in China, a bittersweet spiced wine has been prescribed to boost health and wellbeing. Today we enjoy vermouth as a refreshing aperitif, and in Spain it has become a cultural institution. La Hora de Vermut was historically when you had a drink with friend before heading home for Sunday lunch, but nowadays we enjoy vermouth any day, any time, and preferably with a selection of tapas. What ingredients do I need to make my own vermouth? Vermouth is made using many different botanicals (spices, herbs, bitters, citrus peels), so don’t hesitate to adapt my recipe to your taste or what you can find in your pantry. · A bottle of white wine We suggest that you use a neutral dry white wine as a base for your vermouth. The grape variety is not important, but try to find a young and unoaked wine, for example a Pinot Grigio, Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc or Verdejo. And don’t splurge on an expensive wine this time, we will add so many flavours so the quality is not very important either. · 230 ml (1 cup) white alcohol We recommend a neutral alcohol made from grape (orujo or grappa), a white rum, or vodka. Gin also works well, but then you can skip the juniper berries in this recipe. If you want to make a dark red vermouth, you can also use a dark rum. · 200 ml (0.8 cup) caramelized sugar solution I make my own caramel to be able to control the colour of the vermouth, it’s easy to make, but you can also use light or dark syrup. · 2 - 4 slivers of orange peel If you have access to organic citrus fruits, you can dry the peel and cut it into small pieces to flavour your vermouth. You can use all kinds of citrus fruits; sweet orange, bitter orange, lemon, lime, yuzu… · 8 cardamom pods · 4 cloves · 1 large star anise, or 2 small ones · 1 cinnamon sticks, broken into pieces · 1 small piece of nutmeg · ½ - 1 vanilla pod, depending on size · 4 juniper berries · a pinch of camomile flowers (or use a teabag of camomile) · a pinch of dried elder flower · a pinch of rooibos tea (or use a teabag of rooibos) · a pinch of lemon verbena (or lime basil), fresh or dried · a pinch of fresh or dry rosemary · a pinch of fresh or dry oregano · a pinch of fresh or dry thyme · a pinch of fresh (2-3 leaves) or dry sage · 2-3 small pieces of Gentian root (available on Amazon). Gentian root is very bitter, so don’t add too much. · A pinch of wormwood: Artemisia Absinthium or Artemisia Pontica (available on Amazon, or ask for it at your local herbalist store). If you can’t find wormwood, you can use a few drops of neutral flavoured bitter, such as Angostura bitter. If you can’t find all of the botanicals in the recipe above, you can substitute with similar, or leave some out altogether. As long as you add botanicals, at least wormwood, and alcohol to you wine, you get a vermouth, but the final flavour depends on which ingredients you add. Don’t be afraid to experiment! What equipment do I need for the vermouth workshop? · a heat source If possible, set yourself up in the kitchen for this workshop so you have access to the stove top. I will use a portable gas burner, so that’s another option. We will make an Instant Vermouth, or an #instamouth, speeding up the process by heating up the ingredients and letting the infusion simmer for a few minutes. · 1 litre saucepan or cooking pot · a large glass jar with lid for mixing · a tea sieve or coffee filter · a large spoon to stir with · a measuring cup Do I need to prepare anything in advance? You can make your own caramel to sweeten and colour your vermouth. Prepare a solution of sugar, water, and lemon juice, and cook it until it gets the desired colour. The caramel should be at room temperature, and not cold, when adding it to your vermouth. You can also sweeten your vermouth with a sweet wine, like Mistela/Mistelle or Moscatel, or use a syrup. You can prepare your own citrus peel by cutting slivers of the skin of an orange, lemon or lime using a potato peeler or small knife and let it air dry for a few days. Make sure to use citrus fruit from an organic farm! And finally, prepare yourself something nice to drink, suitable for your time zone; tea, coffee or fruit juice, a nice cocktail or glass of wine, or why not a vermouth you have at home. Enjoy!

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The host and presenter, Sinisa, has been living and working with wine tours, in the more rural parts of Catalonia for more than 10 years, and is now sharing his passion and personal experiences around Vermouth! Besides his love for wine and travel, he has a great passion for old cars, so in 2016 he did the Mongol Rally. The Rally itself is a crazy event, starting in London and ending in Ulan Ude in Siberia, passing though Mongolia and before that some 22 countries. The race was for charity but also for the adventure and for wine. Together with a sommelier friend from Sweden, he stopped in many of the wine producing countries on the way, visited cellars and tasted wine! Some of the countries that were visited: Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Did you know they make some quite good wine in Kazakhstan?

Sinisa has been guiding since Mar 2012

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Reviews from travellers

Mary J.

01 April 2021

I enjoyed this tour so much. He is very engaging and I learned a lot!

Janet N.

25 March 2021

If you like Spain, you MUST participate in this session. Vermut (vermouth) is everywhere in Spain as an aperitif with tapas so if you want to enjoy some of the local culture, then learn from an expert, like Sinisa. I learned so much today. Together, Sinisa with his silent angel, provide a fabulous educational experience complete with well designed visuals.

Julie (Ottawa) V.

25 March 2021


Christine K.

25 March 2021

Very informative snd I'm going to try and make my own Vermouth. I liked the mix of practical instruction, conversation and the history of Vermouth, just a shame we can't taste it at the end

Danielle H.

25 March 2021

I loved this and have already signed up for the next one. Great presentation- really interesting and informative. Thank You Sinisa!

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