Berlin - Vanished World - the Story of Berlin's long gone Garment District

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Vanished World - the Story of Berlin's long gone Garment District

Sun, 8 Aug
(33 reviews)
Hausvogteiplatz, Berlin, Germany
40 mins

About the tour

There once was a garment quarter in Berlin, similar to the "Sentier" in Paris. Rather than Haute Couture, Berlin's garment quarter was dominated by ready-to-wear companies, many of them Jewish-owned, some of them going back to the early 19th century. Join me on this tour, and find out where these companies were and what became of them and their owners. Furthermore, learn about the memorial in the centre of this erstwhile garment district, a memorial dedicated to the Jewish families whose dreams and livelihoods were destroyed and who ended up having to emigrate or, worse, were deported to the camps in the East.

Meet Martin


Berlin’s stunning landscape can stupefy you. Home to over 200 parks, forests and green spaces, and over a hundred lakes - replete with beautiful lidos and sandy beaches - it’s one of the greenest cities in the world. Martin helps you discover all this, and more! Having experienced the fall of The Wall first hand, Martin lived abroad between 1994 and 2010 and experienced a potpourri of different cultures. At university, he explored German history and studied German-Jewish exile organizations that emerged as a result of the rise to power by the Nazis. Following his graduation, he was then offered to contribute to the exhibition “Eichmann on Trial”, organized by Berlin’s Topography of Terror. This led Martin back to Berlin, and he re-discovered the city he had left long ago. Fascinated by Berlin’s total make-over, he decided to turn his rekindled fascination with Berlin into his profession. Since then, his tours have been peppered with adventures and exciting stories, ranging from European cultures to celebrities like Marlene Dietrich. “I once gate-crashed the building where David Bowie used to live in Berlin with a customer who was a huge David Bowie fan and ‘bumped’ into a resident who promptly invited us to have coffee!” he says.

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Reviews from travellers

Derek & Amy F.

31 May 2021

Martin's Vanished World Tour regarding Berlin's long lost Garment District was educational, informative, and enjoyable.

🐈‍⬛ Carol 🐈‍⬛🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ..

31 May 2021

A very interesting and informative tour

Lorna C.

31 May 2021

If it were not for Martin many of the atrocities, if that is the right word, committed by the Nazis, could easily have been forgotten. Berlin as a fashion centre is not an amalgamation of words that we would expect to hear these days, but back in the early 1900s it was thriving here. Illustrious German families helped to create the scene, and then, as Martin told us, the wife of Joseph Goebbels declared that when the Jews departed from Berlin the elegance departed too. Why would Martin tell us this strange fact? For in-your-face shock of course: the Nazis had destroyed the part played by Jews in the garment trade. Just for emphasis he also chose to show us two unobtrusive memorials, the names on the steps, which were barely visible in the evening light: maybe this is why he made this into an evening tour, and the three-mirror memorial. Why was this erected here? Martin understands exactly what is needed to both shock us and to cause us to think about what happened and how we would have reacted. Thank you again, Martin, for sharing such appalling stories, but how you must suffer yourself, repeating them over and over until the world begins to listen, understand and learn. This brutality must never happen again.

Ellen D.

31 May 2021

Another excellent and informative tour. Thanks, Martin

Margaret (Toronto 🇨🇦) S.

31 May 2021

Very good tour. He has so much insight into the meaning of the history in Berlin.

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