Amsterdam - The Rijksmuseum - Up Close and Personal: Part 1 - Renaissance

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Wed, 20 Oct 2021 at 2:00 PM

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The Rijksmuseum - Up Close and Personal: Part 1 - Renaissance

Wed, 20 Oct
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
30 mins

About the tour

We (Mark, Lee and Ton) are very excited to present a new set of tours on Dutch Art. Once again from the Dutch "Cathedral of Art", the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. In August and September, we provided a general overview of painters and works of a certain period or related to a certain subject. Now that you are familiar with the "framework", we go into more detail. Each tour focuses on selected artists and a limited number of works. This change of scope -from general to specific- is accompanied by another novelty: we leave the "beaten path" and pay attention to lesser-known great Dutch artists. In today's tour, we focus on the life and work of two Dutch Renaissance artists, Jan Van Scorel (1495-1562) and Claus Sluter (1350-1406). Both of them are excellent artists and experienced travellers. Jan went as far as Jerusalem and he accompanied the only Dutch pope (Adrianus) to Rome. Claus was appointed to the court of the Duke of Burgundy at Dijon. Both of them strongly contributed to the transition from Middle Ages to Renaissance in the Netherlands.

Meet Ton


After his graduation in social geography, just in between the big bang and the collapse of the Roman empire, Ton worked on a science program for children and on urban planning in Amsterdam. He found out that his happiest moments were those were the interaction was not with the keyboard but with people. This made him decide to make a living out of guiding. Initially related to urban planning and architecture, later on the scope became much wider: art, history, society. As a social geographer Ton always looks for the reasons behind present day reality: why was a town founded? Why did it grow, or not? Why such an enormous church or city hall in a small town? Ton's philosophy about life is rather simple. He believes the sense of being is Sharing LKW: Love, Knowledge, Wine.

What to expect

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