San Francisco - The Farmily Gay Pride Extravaganza

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The Farmily Gay Pride Extravaganza

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60 mins

About the tour

Join Maddie and all her farm animal rescues as they walk down the runway in their pride parade costumes. Pigs, dogs, chickens, you name it! The whole rescue gang will be there and we can’t wait for you to join us! You can check them out on Instagram to get to know the farmily before the show: @livingwithpickles

Meet The Farmily

The Farmily

My name's Maddie and I'm on a mission to rescue 100 animals this year. Welcome to the farmily—we have 8 permanent rescue animals and a constant rotation of fosters. I've rescued, rehabilitated, and adopted out animals of all shapes and sizes--pigs, dogs, llamas, donkeys, puppies....you name it! We've been featured on Good Morning America, Today, Show, Animal Planet, People, etc. You can check us out on Instagram at @livingwithpickles. Welcome to our animal shenanigans!

What to expect

Get ready for something special. We’re travelling to San Francisco with no passport, no plane ticket and no luggage. And yet you’ll experience all the sights, sounds and stories with just your laptop, favorite snack and an amazing content creator.

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Reviews from travellers

Diane H.

27 June 2021

it was very cute. they should be proud of the work they do for the animals.

Alanna D.

27 June 2021

I think it's fabulous that you guys are rescuing all these precious animals and that all the funds go towards them. I think Maddie was super nice, enthusiastic and I really appreciate some of the animal information. The parade was cute! Other than that, I felt the tour bit disorganised and all over the place. The other girls were giving some animal facts but not taking it very seriously with their silly voices, bit of cussing and drinking beer in front of the camera (note that there might be children watching the tour). And I think it's great that you bring your followers to Heygo, but as someone who learned about you from Heygo, it felt really weird with all the inside jokes from your followers. I think a proper introduction of you, your pals, the place and some more background information about how you started rescuing animals to Heygo voyagers would have been really helpful. The tour could also have smoother and slower panning of the camera, as it can cause dizziness to older folks and better postcard opportunities. So I think with more formality and catering the tour to a broader audience would improve future tours. Hope you take this and other constructive feedback below into consideration. Thank you for showing your Farmily to us <3

Janna K.

26 June 2021

The parade was super cute! Nice to hear about the great rescue work. Felt more like an Instagram Live than a Heygo tour though. This site has professional tour guides, so it was jarring to have drunk people as part of the presentation.

Jane M.

26 June 2021

Loved the animals perhaps less silly talk. Hope they try again

Ceanethia R.

26 June 2021

Instagram and Facebook Live-yes! Heygo platform No! Of course, social media friends, family and followers will check you out on this platform to support the venture not knowing the expectations of this base. However, the first rule in Marketing is Know Your Audience. Heygo’s demographics is not the same as Instagram. The guides on Heygo are Historians, Archeologists, have backgrounds in Internationsl Studies, have studied the craft of Tourism, are skilled in educating an audience and translating information. it’s a highly educated, “traveled” audience that appreciates engaging experiences. Now there will be some Heygoers who will give you a “polite” “good job” and a pass. I’m not one of them, and will not sugarcoat anything to appease comfort levels. Brutal honesty is needed for growth. You have a following, which is great for instagram. Some skills are just not transferable. Therefore, you must level up when presented with new challenges that include a wider audience. Claire in Naibori, Robin in New Orleans, Aaron and Patrick in New York Igor in Lisbon, Santi in Colombia all have a similar flavor as you. Hop on several of their tours. There are many great guides on here-too many to name. Hone your skills and come back. I love to see people do well.

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