Zebegeny - The Danube Bend Series : Cycling & Walking around Zebegeny

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The Danube Bend Series : Cycling & Walking around Zebegeny

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Zebegeny, Zebegeny, Hungary
60 mins

About the tour

This episode of the Danube Bend series takes you to the largely overlooked villages of Zebegeny and Nagymaros. Unlike the right bank of the so-called Danube bend, the left bank is hiding in the shadows of Esztergom, Visegrad and Szentendre. This time, we meet at a lookout point towering above the village of Zebegeny offering a majestic panoramic view to the river Danube. During the first part of this 60 minutes long virtual experience we check out the most picturesque streets and houses of Zebegeny, learning why this village became known as a preferred summer vacation resort during the early 1900s for many high class Hungarians. During the second part of the tour we'll start to burn calories as Adam will hop on his bicycle to cover the distance between Zebegeny and Nagymaros. With the help of Adam we'll have the chance to experience one of the most visually appealing parts of the bicycle road running along the Hungarian section of the river Danube. Expect dramatic landscapes as we follow the river turning from West to South and then to North before we reach our final destination: Nagymaros. We will conclude this tour with excellent views overlooking the fortifications of Visegrad located just across the river from Nagymaros.

Meet Adam


Working as a tourist guide was not my first career choice, but it seems to be the right choice. For a while I followed a sort-of standard path: getting my bachelor, and my masters degree and started to work for a multinational company. Meanwhile my interest towards my hometown kept growing to the point that my friends convinced me to return to school and get my licence to become a tourist guide. As the saying goes: the rest is history. I have been in the business since 2011 and regardless of all the hardship, difficulties, uncertainty I still have passion for my profession. Which I hope will be obvious for you once you take a tour with me in Budapest, or in the Hungarian countryside. By joining a tour with me you will get two in one: a professional, licenced guide and an amateur urban photography enthusiast. Both are very handy when it comes to live, virtual tours. You can expect great angles, excellent postcard opportunities and a dry sense of humour during my tours as I strongly believe in entertaining while educating.  Kind regards

What to expect

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Reviews from travellers

Dyan H.

15 July 2021

Great tour, great information and enjoyable, relaxed and full of information

Trish (from London) D.

13 July 2021

What a beautiful tour of stunning scenery, without having to do all that cycling myself (which I couldn't do anyway). Thank you so much, Adam.

Helen ..

12 July 2021

Beautiful tour of the countryside belonging to Danube Bend series that showed us the villages of Zebegeny and Nagymaros. It is my third time taking this tour, and I could appreciate the difference in the scenery. Adam is an excellent guide. I discovered his talent and abilities with the camera since the first time I was in one of his tours in February 7th. Since then, I am an admirer, supporter, and collaborator of his work. I know that he works very hard to prepare every tour because all of them are different, with a wide variety of information and new details. He is very enthusiastic about travelling to the countryside to show us the less known cities of the Danube bend spending time and money that most of the time he can't recover. Please, Adam, you need to take control of the chat and IGNORE people who try to disrupt your tours, for YOU and for US, the travellers. Thank you for you effort, and see you in your next tour that I am sure would be as wonderful as all.

Lorna C.

12 July 2021

Adam is even more than excellent! He gives us such an amazing experience. Thank you Adam.

Deirdre (Manchester UK) T.

12 July 2021

Beautiful countryside and scenery. Excellent commentary as usual from Adam. Enjoyable tour.

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