Korcula - The Art of Traditional Filigree Jewellery - Botuni

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The Art of Traditional Filigree Jewellery - Botuni

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Korčula old town, Korcula, Croatia
45 mins

About the tour

Andrea is introducing you today to traditional jewelry that is still hand-made in the town of Korčula. In Croatia, the filigree technique is a trademark of jewelry from Dalmatia. Buttons, clips, brooches, pins, and clasps were mandatory elements of a girl's dowry in Dalmatia. Filigree work is created by carefully twisting, untwisting, curling, and/or plating together thin threads of pliable precious metals, such as gold and silver. Sometimes tiny beads are used too. The word filigree comes from an Italian word made from the Latin words for the thread -filo and grain-grano Botun - refers to round or circular buttons, which adorned various male folk costumes, is a piece of prevalent traditional jewelry that was declared as the most original Croatian souvenir in 2007 by the Croatian National Tourist Board. Croatia has no trade school for learning the art of making filigree jewelry and in order to become a filigree artist, one must apprentice. Typically family members carry on the jewelry-making tradition, or one approaches a master to request that he take him on as a student. Doka learned the art of filigree from his father and today, filigree jeweler Doka Seba will show you step-by-step how to make a botun or traditional earrings. Join Andrea in this experience that has been living in the Seba family for approximately 500 years.

Meet Andrea


Andrea transmits with love and passion the facts and stories that she has learned from all generations and sources about her town. Every day life and traditions are kept through her stories. She has been working in tourism for three decades so has experience with guests from all continents and religions. Born in Belgrade in former Yugoslavia but is a Croatian by nationality, a mixture that makes richer in spirit and soul. Join Andrea in a relaxed and welcoming ambience of a well preserved medieval fortress of Korčula. She will give you just the right amount of details to keep your attention but will be ready to answer to all your questions.,Allwas smiling and ready for interraction with guests her answers will be as interesting and exciting as the facts that she will transmit to you about the secrets of her town & island .

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Reviews from travellers

Patricia Y.

04 June 2021

Very, very interesting. Thanks

Michaela (Austria) M.

04 June 2021

It was amazing watching Duko produce this piece of art - thanks so much for sharing it with us to both of you! Also know a lot more about silver now - thanks for researching and sharing those facts with us - will be quite useful if I am ever in the danger of getting poisoned 😉

Ute R.

04 June 2021

A very interesting tour, with good camera observation of the handycraft and interviews of the craftsman. The background info added to the understanding of the tradition of silver craftsmanship. Very well presented, excellent English!

melinda S.

04 June 2021

Very professional. Told all about the system and details of making the silver jewelry. Loved the detail of how silverware came into being.

Linda P.

26 May 2021

Very interesting to see close up such skillful work

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