Galicia - Tarta de Santiago (Cake of St. James) for the Holy Year Xacobeo 2021

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Tarta de Santiago (Cake of St. James) for the Holy Year Xacobeo 2021

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Sean & Angie's Kitchen, Cangas do Morrazo, Galicia, Spain
45 mins

About the tour

Why not learn how to make the "Tarta de Santiago" with Sean & Angie since this year (and next year extended because of Covid) is the Holy Year Xacobeo 2021-2022. The Holy year only occurs when the day of Saint James, 25th of July falls on a Sunday. One of the oldest recipes in Galicia, Spain dating as far back as 1577! It was called previously the "Torta Real" or "Bizcocho de Almendra". Some stories say that it was made as a gift for noble pilgrims that arrived in Santiago after walking the Camino de Santiago. In May 2010, the European Union gave Tarta de Santiago PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status within Europe. To qualify, the cake must be made in the Autonomous Region of Galicia and contain at least 33% almonds, excluding the base. We will be making it at home with 100% Almond meal! Learn more about the history of this amazing almond cake, which is quite easy to make, naturally gluten free, and is so delicious! Perfectly paired with the Orujo de Galicia Liqueur (or also called Aguardiente - Fire Water!). We will also talk about the Camino de Santiago and the tradition of how the Pilgrims enter Santiago Cathedral through the Holy Door, and the Botafumeiro (Huge Incense Burner) that is swung by the priest during mass. Ingredients - Shopping list if you want to cook along with us: - 200gr. Almond meal (We will be using Marcon Almond that has been pre-ground into almond meal. Any type of Almond meal will be good. You can look for a BIO even as we are using Bioterra) - 200gr. Sugar (White sugar) - Lemon zest (1 lemon use the zest, we are using Galician Lemons of course which is abundant here!) - 4 eggs (We are using Pazo de Vilane Galician-manor free-range eggs) - Icing Sugar - Optional: Cinnamon (We like the flavour with lemon only as it almond flavour comes out more, if you like a bit of cinnamon you can add) - Optional: Orujo de Galicia (You can add 1 shot of Galicia Liqueur “licor de hierbas” or another liqueur, we are going to taste apart from the cake, and we like the cake with only the lemon to taste the almond meal) PREPARATION/ELABORATION: 1. In a bowl put in the almond meal, sugar and lemon zest, then add each eggs one by one mixing them well, but not beating we do not want air to get into the mixture, just to mix everything together. 2. .Put a bit of butter at the bottom of the cake pan (or none if non-stick pan). 3. Pour the cake mixture in the pan and even out the mixture. 4. Bake at 180 C for about 35 minutes approx. 5. Take out of the baking pan and wait about 10-15 mins. to cool, then you can decorate by sprinkling the icing sugar over the St. James Cross Stencil on top of the cake. (I will post the St. James Stencil that you can print and cut out in the Virtualtrips Voyagers Facebook page.) KITCHEN UTENSILS AND EQUIPMENT: - Mixing Bowl - Whisk or Spatula - Fine grater (for the lemon zest) - Small bowls if you want each ingredient separate at the start - Round Cake pan (22-23cm in diametres) - St. James Stencil (You can print from my post in the Virtualtrips Voyagers Facebook group) - Oven NOTE: This recipe is Gluten-Free.

Meet Sean & Tiernan

Sean & Tiernan

Far from just reading out of tour guide books, Sean O’Rourke has immersed himself in his adopted country (Galicia, Spain) and truly wants you to understand and enjoy its culture. He personally guides their specialized small group historic, gourmet food & wine tours in Galicia. Sean is well versed in the various topics covered on the tour such as Celtic Hill-forts and music, the religious pilgrimage to Santiago, Galician-Roman-Celtic history, wine making, wine tasting, Galician modern & traditional cuisine, etc. Sean’s travels have taken him throughout Europe and Britain extensively. His interest into the Spanish culture has given him the ability to speak fluently in Spanish. Sean would be glad to translate and help with some basic vocabulary while on your vacation in Galicia, Spain. One of Sean’s many pastimes is the study of Ancient Celtic history, Galicia and it’s connection to the other Celtic nations (Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany and Isle of Man) has been his latest project and would love to share with you all the legends and stories of Galicia. Sean is Canadian, but of Scottish & Irish roots, alongside his wife Angie who is Galician, and with their son Tiernan, (Following in his Dad's footsteps!) who is new to the travel world but comes with lots of energy and new ideas backed by 4 years of studying Tourism in Galicia, Spain. They make up a great trio team (Eat & Walkabout) offering unique food, wine and walking tours throughout GALICIA, SPAIN’S HIDDEN CELTIC PARADISE!

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Reviews from travellers

Daphne S.

08 April 2021

A very interesting evening making Tarta de Santiago. The added bonus of learning more about the Camino de Santiago made it even better.

Wendy J.

03 April 2021

This was easy to follow, great background information, and absolutely delicious result. This cake did not last long 😁

Elisabetta R.

03 April 2021

very interesting!

Maria K.

03 April 2021

So nice to be invited into Sean's kitchen and learn how to make this local cake. Can't wait to try it!

Eleonora F.

03 April 2021

This was a great tour. Sean is very knowledgeable and gives a lot of historical facts which I think is great. Looking forward to visiting in person.

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