Haifa - Talpiot Market: the heart of the vibrant Haifa food scene

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Talpiot Market: the heart of the vibrant Haifa food scene

Fri, 23 Jul
(13 reviews)
Hadar, Haifa, Israel
50 mins

About the tour

Located in Haifa's downtown neighborhood, the Talpiot Market is the most popular city's market where food-enthusiast can find fresh fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds, which are very popular in Israel. Join Mike for the genuinely local shopping experience and immersion in the Israeli food culture. Your guide for this tour is Mike, local in Haifa for more than 20 years. Educator by trade, storyteller by heart.

Meet Nordic Voyager

Nordic Voyager

Nordic Voyager is a team of experienced guides and like-minded enthusiasts who decided to pull together their resources and knowledge. Olav and Emilie, guides in Oslo, are both historians and excellent storytellers. Andrea and Emma live in Bergen that attracts millions of visitors every year. They love traveling to other places in Norway and share stunning Norwegian landscapes in different parts of this wonderful region. Karin and Karl are the Vikings. They offer you a fantastic opportunity to discover the world of Vikings in the Village with residents leading the same lifestyle as their ancestors. Mike lives in Israel, and he will take you to the ancient Acre and Haifa.

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Reviews from travellers

Alicia E.

18 June 2021

Sound bad and picture blurred

🐧 Maple 🍁 C.

18 June 2021

Mike and Timor were great guides. We toured around the markets and was expecting it to be more busy than it was; then they reminded us that we went early to miss the busy crowds and avoid just seeing heads bopping up and down. AND to show more of the produce before it was either all sold out or 'man-handled'. Quite considerate of them, IMO. In addition we had a nice tour of the surrounding are where they showed us some street art and talk about some of the buildings- showing us the first cinema in Haifa; which was quite neat. It was also nice to see them interacting with the shop owners and the customers, where in one incident- one of the customers did not want to be 'video-taped' and they explained what they were doing and tjhey just proceeded with the tour; no harm done (at least that was what I took from it) They showed an area where tourist/out-of-towners might not see often and it was well presented- the streets were clean and there was no street 'art' that was offensive. It was like a nice walk about during the day- where it felt like the weekend, but quieter. Thank you guys!

Robyn H.

18 June 2021

I found the tour to be very interesting & enjoyable. At times it seemed a bit rushed maybe rather than the 45 minutes stretch it out a bit & try 60 minutes. I loved seeing all the fresh produce, really wished that the smell from the spice market could come through the computer. Possible identify some of the spices by showing which one was what. The olives looked amazing again maybe just don't say what types they have but show what is what (not all but maybe the most popular). Would have liked a bit more time at the fish stall (they may not have been ready at the time you were there). Still it would be nice to see the types of fish that is available there...I am sure it would be different from what is available in other countries. I really enjoy visiting markets when I travel I find that it really can give you a great insight to the country & people. Again it was san enjoyable tour.

Cheryl B.

18 June 2021

I’m very surprised at all the abandoned buildings. This was my first tour of Haifa and I wasn’t expecting this type of abandonment. The market produce was amazing. I understand why people go every day to buy it fresh. I have a lot to learn about your country. Thank you for the tour.

Annette H.

02 June 2021

Enjoyed this tour, shopping without spending money is a first for me. Great to see all the different foods.

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