Beijing - Summer Palace: The Imperial Park

Summer Palace: The Imperial Park

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Beijing, Beijing, China
45 mins

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The Summer Palace in Beijing is a historic imperial garden that integrates numerous traditional halls and pavilions. It was conceived by the Qing emperor Qianlong between 1750 and 1764 and it is the largest and most well-preserved royal park in China, so it has been recognized as 'The Museum of Royal Gardens'. Based on the Chinese philosophy of balancing the works of man with nature, the Summer Palace uses Kunming Lake, the former reservoir of the Yuan dynasty’s capital, and Longevity Hill as the basic framework. It contains over 3,000 man-made ancient structures, including pavilions, towers, bridges, corridors, etc. The Summer Palace combines political and administrative, residential, spiritual, and recreational functions within a landscape of lakes and mountains. Even though it has been destroyed several times in history, it was restored and has been a public park since 1924. Follow our guide to show you the best part of this imperial park which we can access.

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Amber is from the north-eastern part of China. Her hometown is conservative; most people spent their entire lives in the town where they were born and raised. However, as a free spirit, Amber went to Beijing after college graduation and became a tour guide since 2014. She has always had a great passion for travel, which is why she became a guide. She especially loves to travel to different parts of China and nearby Tibet and Nepal, as these places bring her an in-depth sense of serenity. She loves sharing Beijing with visitors from all over the world and look forward to meeting her virtual guests!

Amber has been guiding since May 2014

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Get ready for something special. We're travelling to Beijing with no passport, no plane ticket and no luggage. And yet you'll experience all the sights, sounds and stories with just your laptop, favorite snack and an amazing guide.

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Reviews from travellers

Teresa B.

19 April 2021

Amber's tour was interesting in spite of the tech problems. She tried her best and 8n the end was still enjoyable to see and know a new culture.

pat m.

18 April 2021

Super !!!

Nina W.

17 April 2021

Amber gives a good much to see and learn about. Unfortunately signal issues were not her fault but they affected how much we could really see as some periods were too blurry and poor sound. Amber makes every effort to get a better signal and will walk around subjects in order to do so. A lot of interesting history discussed. Lucky to be able to see such an incredible Summer Palace and get to get some views of the incredible Emporer’s summer residence...concubines in tow.

Edith N.

17 April 2021

Amber, I so appreciate how hard you work and how passionate and knowledgeable you are about China and showing these important sites to visitors around the world. The summer palace has some beautiful parts to it - I think you will need to figure out your signal places a bit more before doing this tour again as you really had to spend too much time managing the ongoing problem with the picture and sound rather than focus on the tour. You also have the added issue of crowds to manage - I am impressed how you kept yourself on the tour with all these things going on. It would have been nice to see a few more of the paintings / stories that you pick out specifically to share from the walkways. I am looking forward to your other tours - I know you will work hard to figure out these pain points whether it is your equipment, the location, or Heygo technology. See you again soon!

Ceanethia R.

17 April 2021

What a beautiful city! The bad news is the place that Amber took us was not conducive for a virtual tour because of connectivity. The good news is Amber aborted Plan A and went to Plan B and we momentarily enjoyed a view of the waterfront. The challenging situation is Plan B was better than Plan A but had obstacles with connectivity as much so that it compromised viewing. I give Amber 4 stars because the bulk of the tour that was seen, really was really good. We learned a some history while seeing some extraordinary structures and sights. Many places in the world are going to have connection issues. That’s a fact. Some of the best locations may have to be sacrificed because of that issue. However, finding a location where connectivity is at least 80% effective will be a good start and build a tour around that location.

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