Rome - Castel Sant'Angelo to Saint Peter's Basilica

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Castel Sant'Angelo to Saint Peter's Basilica

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Vatican City, Rome, Italy
30 mins

About the tour

This tour is an absolute must as it combines the Castel Sant'Angelo and the monumental complex of St. Peter's Square. Discover Rome's legendary sites during your guided 30 min tour: from Castel Sant'Angelo to the Vatican, passing by Ponte Sant'Angelo and the Conciliation road.

Meet Sara Verde

Sara Verde

Sara is a roman native, traveller, dreamer, addicted to painting and fascinated by all expressions of art. She is a licensed tour guide of Rome and the Vatican, speaks fluent English, French and Spanish and at school also learnt some German! Not only does Sara love languages but foreign cultures and traditions too. She graduated with a degree in foreign languages at the "Roma Tre" University and after finishing she started to travel to many countries to improve her knowledge, accent and professional skills. She loves her career as a guide and finds it incredibly interesting. She has worked for several cruise tour operators such as royal Caribbean, Carnival, Celebrity cruises, Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Riviera. In 2011 she embarked on a new and exciting experience guiding students in cooperation with Palazzi-Florence association for International Education and EF students. Sara knows her city like the back of her hand and can't wait to show you around!

What to expect

Get ready for something special. We’re travelling to Rome with no passport, no plane ticket and no luggage. And yet you’ll experience all the sights, sounds and stories with just your laptop, favorite snack and an amazing content creator.

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Reviews from travellers

Sonja M.

09 June 2021

Very informative tour, I learnt so much. Thanks!

Karen R.

07 June 2021

Wonderful, excellent, accomplished tour guide! Beautiful tour!

Dana S.

07 June 2021

By Far One of the Best Guide's Heygo has ! Very informative ! This Lady knows her stuff ! Fantastic thanks Sara 😊

Jennifer B.

07 June 2021

Sara is one of the most knowledgeable guides on a platform full of them. I always enjoy taking a stroll through the streets of Rome and learning about its fascinating history. Time well spent.

Elissa S.

07 June 2021

As a Roman Catholic I was offended by her use of the term propaganda when speaking of historical conversions. This is what people believed at the time, bile propaganda is an insinuation of mistruths meant to manipulate people toward a particular viewpoint. We cannot say what is truth or what is fiction because religion such as Catholicism relies completely on faith of the believer. Her description was there for offensive. I appreciate all of the languages she speaks however in this case if somebody is giving a tour of the Vatican they should have a theological or historical academic background. Having studied the history of the Catholic church in graduate school my expectations were perhaps too high but I would expect something a little bit above a pedestrian tour. For instance we don't need to be told it that it can city is separate from Rome. I think that is widely understood. I also think she spent time complaining which did not add to her otherwise sparkling personality which was her asset. I didn't learn very much from this tour and switched over to Ian's tour of Bruxton, England, which I found far more enjoyable and informative. I apologize for waxing negative these are my true feelings. It does not mean I will not watch another one of her walking tours, I probably will.

Reply from Heygo
Hi Elissa, Thank you for your feedback. It is very much appreciated. We're sorry to hear you felt offended by the term "propaganda" used by Sara during her Castel Sant'Angelo to Saint Peter's Basilica. Sara is a licensed guide for the Vatican as well as Rome. She studied specifically to give factual tours of these specific locations but hasn't studied to educate on a religious point of view. The goal of Heygo is to bring people closer together and while some knowledge might seem obvious to you, it might not be to others. I would encourage you to take the time to read the descriptions of each tour from the tour pages as they are usually a great way to get an overview of what the tour is about and avoid disappointment. We look forward to seeing you again in Rome! Happy travels!

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