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Tel Aviv - Special: Election Day in Israel

Special: Election Day in Israel

(31 reviews)
King George Street, Tel Aviv, Israel
45 mins

About the tour

Have you ever seen elections in another country? Book this tour to see Israeli Democracy in the works. We'll stroll the streets of Tel Aviv to get some of the electricity in the air feeling and talk politics in Israel and abroad. These elections are unique in the sense that they are the fourth round of elections in an almost two year political stalemate. Will the Prime Minister of Israel succeed in securing his next coalition, or will his political rivals deny him just that? Israel decides.

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Tel Aviv is called the non-stop city - and for good reason! "6 AM is as good an hour to invite a friend to go jogging along the beach as 6 PM," Tomer laughs. "When the day starts, you'll find coffee pubs packed with creatives working behind their laptops, sipping on a sophisticated cappuccino - the same people you meet up with after hours in the local pub. Shopping or clubbing, sports or sorts - Tel Aviv is ready whenever you are. I love that about Tel Aviv!" he says. Tomer has been guiding tours in the city since 2008. What started out of fascination about his family's history - the Chelouche family is one of the founding families of Tel Aviv - has seen him meet new people and show the city that has transformed over the course of several generations. On Tomer's tours, you'll get to discover fascinating stories about its history, culture, and much more, especially since Tomer's ancestors participated in the establishment of the first Jewish neighborhood built outside the walls of ancient Jaffa, and the modern city of Tel Aviv. "The most enjoyable part of tour guiding is making people laugh. A smile on someone's face is more important to me than everybody being able to recite the stories I tell. I do my best to make every moment of every tour I lead amusing and funny!" he smiles.

Tomer has been guiding since Oct 2008

What to expect

Get ready for something special. We're travelling to Tel Aviv with no passport, no plane ticket and no luggage. And yet you'll experience all the sights, sounds and stories with just your laptop, favorite snack and an amazing guide.

The tour will last about 45 mins and will be live-streamed by your guide directly from Tel Aviv. Forget about slideshows or pre-recorded videos, this is a live broadcast and anything can happen!

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Reviews from travellers

Mark T.

29 March 2021


Loni 🎀(Virginia) ..

26 March 2021

Tomer in Tel Aviv: I appreciate the opportunity to learn about Israel's political system. Thank you!

Christopher N.

26 March 2021

Tomer was informative and interesting as always! He did a great job describing the present situation with Israel's current election and the unprecedented number of elections they've held in such a short time. It was fun when he showed us a giant election banner on the side of a building and when he some random people shouted for their favorite candidate in reaction to Tomer walking by. Tomer also showed us an important chapter in Israeli political history by showing us Rabin Square, where Prime Minister Rabin was assassinated in 1995. This tour had a lot more questions than most, but Tomer handled them all while still covering everything he wanted to cover. I hope he does another Election Day tour whenever the next election takes place!

Meghan M.

25 March 2021

Very interesting to learn more about Israeli politics. It is difficult for us in the UK and US to understand what is really happening in Israel. I am very curious about Israel particularly the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. I would like to learn more but I appreciate it is a sensitive topic.

Rachael B.

25 March 2021

First trip to Tel-Aviv and it was busy but Election Day made it a bit different! (had to laugh though when one voyager asked if Tomer would be repeating this tour...)

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