Sarajevo - Sarajevo War stories. Part three : The Tunnel of Hope

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Sarajevo War stories. Part three : The Tunnel of Hope

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Tunnel of Hope museum, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
60 mins

About the tour

Since Sarajevo was under siege from April '92 the stocks of food, weapons and ammunition were already empty by the end of the year. Sarajevo and it's citizens needed a connection to the outside world. Bosnian army came with a brilliant idea during winter 92'-93' to dig a tunnel under the airport that was controlled by the UN to achieve a connection between Sarajevo and the rest of the free Bosnian territory. A small but crucial connection was made, 1m wide, 1,6m high and 800m long, but for Sarajevans it was way bigger than that, it was giving them hope! This tour is the most complete War tour about Sarajevo since you will have the opportunity to visit the Museum "Tunnel of Hope", the most visited War museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina. These are inspiring stories of what a human being is capable to invent, to make, to do, to survive.

Meet Edin Dino Bazdarevic

Edin Dino Bazdarevic

Edin Dino Bazdarevic has been a Sarajevo local guide for more than 10 years. He has led guided tours in Sarajevo and throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina for visitors from over 90 countries. Dino graduated from University of Sarajevo with a bachelor’s degree in political science. He is fluent in English, French and Bosnian. Join our guide Dino in the unique discovery of a very special place where the East meets the West.

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Reviews from travellers

Anne🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 O.

18 July 2021

Edin handled a very sensitive subject with honesty. His role as an educator cannot be overlooked. Some things were difficult to hear, but how are we to move forward, if we live in ignorance. Well done.

Patricia E.

17 July 2021

Very complex history, Edin did an excellent job of explaining the situation before and after the war, honest review, made the tour very interesting for such a dark subject. Perfect English and very knowledgeable

Lorraine.... UK T.

17 July 2021

This is the 1st time someone has explained the war in Bosnia and I have understood it... Dino is truely a great tour guide who can convey a troubling subject eloquently and senitively.... Thank you Dino

Gaye H.

17 July 2021

Well put together, with great interaction between guide and guests. He was attentive to the chat, without allowing himself to be too sidetracked. Deeply informative of a difficult subject, without being overly dramatic. Obne of the best guides yet.

Michaela (Austria) M.

17 July 2021

It is a privilege being able to learn about the Bosnian War not only from an excellent guide, but also a person who has experienced it during his childhood. Especially because of his personal experiences I admire Dino's objectivity, his fairness and his positive outlook - not sure how many people could guide like this under these circumstances. Thanks, Dino - as hard as it is to listen to you talking about this period of your history as important it is to listen. It is not only education of the mind, but also education of the heart you are sharing with us.

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