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Ho Chi Minh City - Saigon Secret Gems - Day 5: The Rise of Vietnam

Saigon Secret Gems - Day 5: The Rise of Vietnam

(21 reviews)
District 1 of Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
45 mins

About the tour

Secret Gems of Saigon Series - Day 5: The Rise of Vietnam How did our previously war-torn country turn it all around in the space of 30 years? To answer this, Spring and Hieu will take you on a tour where you can explore: • The main signature landmarks of Saigon and learn about the Vietnamese economy reform story. • The most beautiful French-Viet architectural buildings in town. • Have a magnificent city view on the oldest bridge of Saigon. Spring and Hieu are pretty fun to hang out with and can make you laugh and relax a little. They love their job and can do it for 60 years so when you come to Saigon, you can catch up with them for coffee and/or book their tours to explore all the gems of Saigon. You will love Saigon even more after this trip, add color to your postcard collection and learn about the Vietnamese way of life! ✏ This would be a peaceful tour in which the main focus is on a fancier side, less crowded area of Saigon ✏ Be bold and ask Spring and Hieu every question that pops up in your mind (including personal ones)! The couple wants to make your e-tour as interactive and engaging as possible so answering your question creates joy in their hearts. ✏ Stay open-minded. Just a little bit is good ♥

Meet your local guide

Hieu & Spring

Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon, is the financial heart and the most chaotic city in Vietnam. Sometimes Saigon feels like its own separate country with its well-defined districts, its sprawling urban landscape, and the sheer size. You can live a lifetime in Saigon and still explore new spots every weekend, it’s dynamic yet ancient. Spring and Hiếu (pronounced almost like Hugh) are a Saigonese couple who have been guiding tours for more than 5 years in the city. This e-tour is a condensed version of Vietnam's untold history and culture from their Vietnamese perspective and is based on their experiences face to face with more than 3000 guests over 5 years. History made them realize how grateful they are to have a better life than their people did. They have it 1000 times easier than their older folks did. Vietnamese people were the strongest, smartest and most courageous people back then. Book their virtual trip and you just might feel the same. All their tours got 750+ excellent reviews on Airbnb and 4,98/5 ratings for their online tour, so it may not be perfect but still pretty darn good. They are always finding new ways to do it better than last time. Covid sucks but Spring and Hieu are here to give you value and maybe make you decompress a little. When not guiding guests, Spring loves lifting weights, listen to K-pop and watch Korean dramas. Hieu loves doing yoga taught by his teacher Sadhguru and reading different kinds of stuff.

Hieu & Spring has been guiding since Jul 2015

What to expect

Get ready for something special. We're travelling to Ho Chi Minh City with no passport, no plane ticket and no luggage. And yet you'll experience all the sights, sounds and stories with just your laptop, favorite snack and an amazing guide.

The tour will last about 45 mins and will be live-streamed by your guide directly from Ho Chi Minh City. Forget about slideshows or pre-recorded videos, this is a live broadcast and anything can happen!

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Reviews from travellers

Janis R.

12 April 2021

Lovely people Excellent knowledge

Meghan M.

12 April 2021

Excellent as always. Very much enjoy their tours. So friendly.

Rachel K.

12 April 2021

I love these tours. Hieu and Spring are great guides and have all kinds of fascinating information to share.

Irene L.

12 April 2021

Very interesting.Great guides!

Judith Ann M.

12 April 2021

Such a lovely tour ..kind n soft spoken excellent English. Superb tour guides !

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