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Bucharest - Renaissance or Baroque near Bucharest? - The Mogosoaia Castle

Renaissance or Baroque near Bucharest? - The Mogosoaia Castle

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Mogosoaia village, Bucharest, Romania
40 mins

About the tour

Several villages (not far from Bucharest) had small castles for princes or landlords (called here, exactly as in Russia, boyars). Most of them were more or less destroyed in the communist period, after the state had taken them from their owners. Some of the castles were lucky and came down to us: this was the case of Mogosoaia. Inside a large park, on the shore of the Mogosoaia Lake, we are guests of the Mogosoaia Complex, completed in 1,702 for the reigning prince of South Romania, Constantin Brancoveanu. Called by the Turks "altan bey" (the Gold Prince) thanks to his wealth, the reign of Brancoveanu (1688-1716) was a period when several arts were flourishing: architecture, stonework, wood carving and painting. Even the architecture style of the period is now called Brancoveau style. We will have a walk through the park, see the church (in Brancoveanu style), which was the first building of this site, and then the castle on the shore of the lake. We will have time to explain the architectonic style called after the prince and notice its roots. The different influences form, together with the Romanian popular way of building houses and village churches, a unitary style of outmost elegance. A variant of it, the Neo-Brancoveanu style became the preferred South Romanian style of the beginning of the XXth century, a sort of Romanian secession. What happened to the modern owners of the castle and what was their destiny? We will see.

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Mihai worked as a Journalist at Radio Romania International beginning with 1990 and as a national guide of Romania since 1997. So he knows lots of things about Romanian History and Politics, which he can tell on tours in a funny and interesting way.

Mike has been guiding since May 1997

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Reviews from travellers

Margaret C.

30 March 2021

Interesting place but very bleak. Mike did not say anything himself at all. This tour needs to be taken dunrg the day not when it is getting dark.

Jen L.

29 March 2021

Sound could have been louder.

Lumi M.

29 March 2021

Excelent Guide. Thank You.

Viola K.

29 March 2021

I could not watch all of it but what I saw was nice.

Liz F.

29 March 2021


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