Kanagawa - Red Tunnels of Gratitude at Inari Shrine, Japan

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Red Tunnels of Gratitude at Inari Shrine, Japan

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(37 reviews)
Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan
50 mins

About the tour

Japan has 30,000 Inari Shrines across the country that is famous for their picturesque vermilion torii gates. Inari shrines are dedicated to the spirit of Inari which represents rice, the essential element of Japanese food. We'll explore the torii gate-covered hiking trail at Sasuke Inari shrine which dates back to the 1190s. It's located on the mountain slope in Kamakura and is easily missed by travelers passing by. We'll be welcomed by mysterious animal statues scattered around the shrine. Eriko will share with you the hidden meanings of this cute animal you can spot at Inari shrines. Let's enjoy walking through the mysterious vermillion gates together and feel refreshed. ☑️ Hike through a red gate-covered trail surrounded by nature ☑️ Find out the hidden meanings of animal statues scattered around the shrine ☑️ Experience a ritual local people do at a sacred spring within the shrine

Meet Eriko Shiratori

Eriko Shiratori

Eriko has been sharing her love of Japanese culture with people around the globe since 2017. In her words, Japan is beautiful, unique, and weird all at the same time! She's been lucky to have traveled to dozens of amazing countries and she got a chance to live overseas, in Australia and Canada, for a couple of years. Being exposed to other cultures has given her a new lens to look at her hometown and its traditions. Her great-grandfather was a kimono craftsman in Tokyo, and today she is honoured to wear the kimonos that were passed down through generations. She is looking forward to exploring Japan and sharing a smile with you!

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Reviews from travellers

Sharon G.

18 June 2021


Jane A.

17 June 2021

As always Eriko gives us an extraordinary tour, full of history, culture and tradition, thank you

Tariq and Ollie the Bear .

17 June 2021

Love the tour and Eriko gentle style of tours.

Cheryl B.

17 June 2021

Eriko each time you take us to a new shrine I’m always amazed at how beautiful and peaceful they are. I really loved all the red gates. I don’t remember going to any of these red gated shrines when I lived in Japan, but my memories are from the late 50’s. When we visited the shrines and temples I would buy small hand carved wooden dolls or figures from each place we visited. I have a collection of about 30. When I visited in 2002 I didn’t see any of these small wooden carved dolls.(dying art) The stamp you get at the shrine has replaced the dolls. Thank you again for the wonderful tour. Cheryl B

Gail (Seattle) O.

17 June 2021

Beautiful torii gates & interesting stone lanterns & ceramic foxes scattered throughout temple grounds. Nice of Erico to continue the tour when it started pouring rain & I'm sure the steps & paths were muddy & slippery. My first Heygo tour in Japan & will sign up for more.

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