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Raw History

Tomorrow, 6:00 PM
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Anywhere beautiful, Banff, Canada
60 mins

About the tour

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Santayana These historical talks are not intentionally provocative, but they will be honest, open and unfiltered. I am an historian by background and transparently human-rights oriented. What I hope to achieve during these talks is present historically consistent subjects and encourage thought and conversation. They will be developed around topics principally relevant to the Americas. Generally I will be home in Banff, but may be elsewhere. I hope to walk in a beautiful setting while conversing. These talks require significant preparation and can be taxing. I will try to post one once a week and will introduce the subject on the Heygo Voyageurs Facebook in advance. These talks will be raw and sometime challenging, but also inclusive. Please participate with an open mind and hold comments until the Q&A. Thank you

Meet Patrick Twomey

Patrick Twomey

Based in the majestic Canadian Rockies, Patrick is an international tour guide / tour operator and published author. Patrick has led hundreds of tours to over 40 countries. At home in Banff, Patrick continues to bike, ski, climb and hike. His creative outlet is writing blogs on 2metours.com. With Irish roots, Patrick's humour shines through and he loves connecting with people around the world. He is fluent in English, French and Spanish.

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Reviews from travellers

Sarah (UK) G.

17 September 2021

Amazing, knowledgeable and thought provoking. Interesting concepts and views on history. I learn so much on these talks.

Linda S.

15 September 2021

Patrick provided excellent, accurate and interesting info on Cuba's past and present.

Ruth aka Miriam .

15 September 2021

Every installment of Patrick’s Raw History series has been eye opening, mind expanding, awareness raising, and fascinating - and they keep getting better and better. Thank you so much for these talks, Patrick!

María (Ottawa) C.

15 September 2021

Patrick’s tours are always interesting, fun and informative. Today’s tour was that but to a higher degree. His narrative was concise and yet he covered an incredible amount of material so well that many of us wished for history to be taught in schools like this. The two raw history talks on Cuba were the best I’ve seen Patrick do. Talks like this benefit all of us because they teach us history, they spark interest in some to learn more, they incite healthy debate like the one we had at home with our friend in Mexico (who also was in Patrick’s tour) and they are just a great way to spend an hour any time. We are so lucky to have so many excellent and knowledgeable guides in Heygo, with Patrick one of the best. Thank you Heygo and thank you Patrick.

Nuala M.

14 September 2021

Patrick does such a great job of distilling historical events and proving a perspective based on how political decisions influenced events and then continue to shape current times. So worthwhile!

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