Korcula - Mystic Night Tour - Slavic Mythology & Christian Festivities

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Mystic Night Tour - Slavic Mythology & Christian Festivities

Sun, 31 Oct
(39 reviews)
Old town, Korcula, Croatia
50 mins

About the tour

This evening in Korcula Andrea is decorating the old town just for you, every season will have its lightened decorated corner somewhere in the old town. As you are not present for all the festivities through the year she will be telling you about all of them but in a very interesting mystic ambience . All traditions that are celebrated through the year have their beginings in older times of history when people believed in several Gods and festivities where in a way more connected with nature . The storytelling will be intertwined with stories about the customs of christianity, slavic mythology and pagan festivals . She will walk through her hometown under the light of a lantern, bringing light to the dark streets and entering courtyards of palaces. Find out about annual celebrations, seasons and who rules them through croatian traditional tales. Why winter is so cold, why a rabbit lays eggs, why thorns and wild grass grow so well in the fields wherever they want and what grows at the end of a rainbow. Walk the mystic streets of Korcula and get the know the town in a dark but sparkling night.

Meet Andrea


Andrea transmits with love and passion the facts and stories that she has learned from all generations and sources about her town. Every day life and traditions are kept through her stories. She has been working in tourism for three decades so has experience with guests from all continents and religions. Born in Belgrade in former Yugoslavia but is a Croatian by nationality, a mixture that makes richer in spirit and soul. Join Andrea in a relaxed and welcoming ambience of a well preserved medieval fortress of Korčula. She will give you just the right amount of details to keep your attention but will be ready to answer to all your questions.,Allwas smiling and ready for interraction with guests her answers will be as interesting and exciting as the facts that she will transmit to you about the secrets of her town & island .

What to expect

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Reviews from travellers

Orysia S.

05 July 2021

I enjoyed the tour.

Tina L. M.

01 July 2021

A highly original and inventive tour! Andrea had constructed a number of little shrines or tableaux at various locations around Korcula, depicting folkloric aspects of the seasons from both pagan and Christian traditions. All were beautifully and lovingly presented, sprinkling a little bit of fairydust into our lives. Excellent storytelling and use of props proves you do not necessarily need one of the wonders of the world on your doorstep to create a compelling virtual experience. Korcula is, of course, attractive in its own right, but here it was not the star; the little art installations were. For me, it evoked a childhood experience in a playground that no longer exists, where the woods used to be lit up with fairylights on summer evenings. Pretty and magical.

Beatrice M.

01 July 2021

What a wonderful tour! Andrea made this arrangements with so much love and made this walk a very special one. I loved the stories and the singing!

Rose R.

01 July 2021

Thank you for fantastic tour,you make the tours so much fun and informative

Gillian B.

01 July 2021

Really interesting tour on traditions of the area - lots if fun - hope to join again on another & one day jump over that bonfire 🔥

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