Kampala - My Katogo!: A Mixed Ugandan Cuisine Dish + Pilau Rice

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My Katogo!: A Mixed Ugandan Cuisine Dish + Pilau Rice

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Residential, Kampala, Uganda
60 mins

About the tour

Katogo: Katogo which means "Mix" is a meal to many Ugandans. This type of Ugandan cuisine dish has advantages especially that its quick fix for cooking without going into separations of cooking different foods then sauces etc. Katogo is a mixture of food- just put it all together once and done! There are various types of Katogo and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or supper. Katogo is a meal to go to any time. Cassava and beans Katogo is rare Ugandan cuisine dish yet very precious every time it's eaten. Whenever eaten, it reminds one how they have really missed it that they can't wait to have it again. Yes, it's also my favourite dish pro-ba-bly...? Mama Rema and I will be teaching how to make Katogo for home eating with exquisite salad serving! Ingredients: 1. Fresh Cassava 2. Beans 3. Grinded groundnuts (Gnuts) for those who don't like beans 4. Onions, Tomatoes 5. Salt 6. A little Oil PS: Cracking the outer cassava layer may leave your front wear whitish, so a shield kind of an apron may come in handy while pealing. Pilau Rice: Pilau Rice is an aromatic rice dish with lots of ingredients that make up a fragant tasty pot. Pilau has its unique traditions and cooking for both non-vegetarians and vegetarians. Mama Rema with her unique expertise will take us through this aromatic cooking with a vegetarian focus. Ingredients: 1. Cooking oil 2. Tomatoes, Onions 3. Ginger 4. Garlic 5. Cotmeal 6. Green pepper 7. Pilau masala 8. Black pepper 9. Rice PS: The ingredients could be less or more that it really depends on how much you want your Pilau to be tasty. Pilau is a global brand name, we can only teach you how much we know as we also get to learn from you.

Meet Nandy Karo

Nandy Karo

Nandy is venturing into freelance tour guiding with the same enthusiasm she shares as she explores different unique places around the world. From her beloved country of Uganda, to the East African region and the rest of the world, Nandy is excited to share her experiences and travels of countries around the world. Aya Twende! (Ok Lets Go!)

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Reviews from travellers

Sarah S.

27 July 2021

It will be good to see the recipe, cooking methods etc. On the Heygo Voyagers site. Thank you

Lezlee F.

25 July 2021

Amazing, thoroughly enjoyed all the time you took to show us how to cook a lovely nutritious meal using so little utensils. A very sharp knife, no chopping board or surface to work on, how to use the knife to cut just using your hands. Could teach us a lot. Thank you so much. Se you again. Wonderful.

Jenni S.

14 July 2021

The cooking tour was slow to start and there was a lot of time when nothing happened. This time could have been used to make the pilau rice, which was started late and not finished before the tour ended. I was looking forward to seeing this but it didn't get past the fried onions stage. I think this was the guide's first Heygo trip and she did seem to become more confident as time passed. I hope to see her again and experience some good vegetarian food from this culture.

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