Addis Ababa - MUST SEE-Ethiopian Week: Ethiopian special celebration of its cultural diversity, history, and national assets

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MUST SEE-Ethiopian Week: Ethiopian special celebration of its cultural diversity, history, and national assets

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(17 reviews)
Sheger Park - Friendship square, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
90 mins

About the tour

THIS IS FIRST AND LAST EVENT SO DON'T MISS IT! Ethiopia is one of Africa's most beautiful countries and its landscapes are epic in both scale and beauty. The only African country that has never been colonized, one of the oldest countries in the world, and is the land of origins. The source of river Nile and the origin country of coffee! A country where all religions live in peace side by side. There are animals species that only live in Ethiopia and no where else in the world. Ethiopia is a special country and unique in its natural beauty, diversity, and history. Ethiopia has 10 regions and two city administrations; more than 90 ethnics and more than 80 languages and up to 200 dialects spoken. It has nine UNESCO inscribed World Heritage sites and has some of the most spectacular scenery in Africa. This week is Ethiopian Week where the event is taking place in Sheger Park in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, where all the regions will be represented in the park in different areas with each area showcases its culture, traditional wear, food, music and dance and more. Plus, there are a lot of flower gardens, fountain waters, and dance groups! So this is a very important event for you to learn about Ethiopia, all different regions coming from all of Ethiopia in ONE PLACE! This is event is the first ever in Ethiopia and the tour will be one only tour, no other. This is spontaneous tour. You would not know who we will run in to. You would not want to miss one of a lifetime event! You are invited to Ethiopian Week! Come join the fun!

Meet Muna Omar

Muna Omar

Muna, better known as "Shaema", is commonly known as a Global citizen. Muna was born and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She has a lot of experience under her belt having worked as a humanitarian worker in Sana'a, Yemen and having been an Ambassador for a traveling project called Yuujou. She is a historical researcher and has participated in a Global History Lab/ Historical dialogues with Princeton University to name a few, and is now publishing her research. As a storyteller, art lover, and historian, Muna is passionate about connecting with people from around the world and introducing her country Ethiopia to the world. Ethiopia is believed to be both the origin of humankind and of coffee! It is a place of dramatic natural beauty, of mountains and valleys, lakes and rivers, and the magnificent Blue Nile Falls. Muna is pleased to share the beauty and the hidden gems of the city of motion, Addis Ababa, which is often called the ""African Capital"" due to its historical, diplomatic, and political significance for the continent. Join Muna as she shares her passion for her city with you!

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Reviews from travellers

Anne F.

27 May 2021

thank you

Fran A.

25 May 2021

A unique trip - I had to leave after the first hour, but it was full of colour and enthusiasm for Ethiopia. Looking forward to further trips

Beatrice M.

25 May 2021

So many impressions, the music, the history, the dances - that was a great experience! It was the first tour for Muna and she did great.

🇬🇧 Sandra H.

25 May 2021

Really enjoyed it,stayed to the very end. Thankyou for showing us so much 👣🏃🏽‍♀️🤩Don’t know how you held the gimbal for so long we’ll done on your first tour.Hope to join you again.💛

Julie P.

24 May 2021

Good tour of the different exhibition stalls showing us your country. I joined earlier before 1000 and would have benefitted from an intro from you and what your tour will be about. Unable to hear your commentary most of the time and if you could give more time when it comes to taking photos,this will help all those who like to take postcards. As this is your first tour, perhaps you will benefit from constructive criticisms and improve on future tours. Background music was too loud,that cannot be helped,but most of the time I could not hear what you were talking about. Just listened to the music and enjoy the scenery. Tour lasted nearly 2. 5 hours,you meant well and would like your viewers to see as much as possible,but I felt it was too long. Hope to see more of your country soon.

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