Munich - Munich History Tour: The Third Reich Part 1 – Adolf Hitler’s Munich

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Munich History Tour: The Third Reich Part 1 – Adolf Hitler’s Munich

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City Centre, Munich, Germany, Munich, Germany
45 mins

About the tour

Adolf Hitler, the Nazi „Führer“, loved Munich. He was a young man in his early twenties when he moved to Munich, hoping to become an artist painter. Although he was Austrian, he happily volunteered for the Bavarian Army as soon as WWI broke out. He returned to Munich after the lost war, making his way into right-wing politics to found the National Socialist Party. It all started in Munich, the so-called „Capital of the Movement” of the Third Reich. On this tour about the darkest chapter in German history, there will be room to learn, to understand and to discuss. Join Tobias on his walk along with the biographical cornerstones of Adolf Hitler’s Munich, from his early paint sketches to the beer hall where the NSDAP was founded. Learn how Hitler rose to power to become the mastermind of a tyranny that was responsible for WWII and the horrors of the Holocaust.

Meet Synthia


Synthia is a professional tour guide and a Munich local with Cypriot roots. She has studied and worked in the United States, in Greece and Italy, and she holds a passion for traveling and meeting people from other countries. Synthia is fluent in German, English, Greek, Italian and French – now working on improving her Spanish. Her professional career took her to the TV and movie marketing business, with Munich being one of the biggest entertainment hubs in Germany. She is a graduate of Media and Communication, Political Science and Italian Literature. Some years ago, she decided to start her own tour guiding companies, so she co-founded Your Local Friend Tours Munich and Ludwig & Lola Stadtführungen in München with Tobias. For Synthia, being a tour guide is the best job in the world. Showing people around my home city and taking them to my favorite places makes me happy. She enjoys long walks, and she rides her bike to manage longer distances. Synthia’s best food moment: Packing her basket with leftovers from the fridge, meeting husband, kids and friends in a Biergarten to eat, drink and enjoy what Munich so much stands for: Gemütlichkeit.

What to expect

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