Moscow - Moscow Space Odyssey: Dawn of Space Age

Moscow Space Odyssey: Dawn of Space Age

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Moscow, Alley of Cosmonauts, Moscow, Russia
30 mins

About the tour

The history of Russia is closely related to space exploration. USSR launched the first artificial satellite "Sputnik-1" in 1957 ushering in the space era. The Soviet Space Program was one of the great achievements of the USSR: first orbiting spacecraft, first dogs to orbit our planet, the first man and woman in space, first spacewalk. While walking along the Alley Of Cosmonauts and the Monument to the Conquerors of Space on the south-easy of Moscow we will talk about the origins of the USSR Space program, how Gagarin became the first man in Space, the legendary Soviet engineers Korolev and Tsyolkovsky, Belka & Strelka space dogs, Soviet Moon probe that sent back first pictures of the Moon's far side and more! If you are interested in the history of space exploration I'm incredibly inspired to share my passion for the Soviet and Russian space odyssey with you on our virtual tour.

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Anna is incredibly passionate about her job as a Moscow guide: every time she sees her guests catching their breath in a beautiful cathedral or smiling with a joy in the Red Square, she feels she's doing something right! As a true local, she knows that Moscow is an ever-changing metropolis and strives to communicate the diversity and contrasting characteristics of her native city - modern and ancient Moscow - at the same time. Anna loves showing Moscow from the perspective of a local - the striking and important history, beautiful architecture and modern lifestyle with hustle and bustle rhythm, authentic gastro-clusters and beautifully hidden lanes. We hope you can join Anna for an unforgettable tour of this wonderful city!

Anna has been guiding since Jan 2016

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Reviews from travellers

🐈‍⬛ Carol (Hi from Essex, 🇬🇧) S.

18 May 2021

A great tour, loads of good information, tour was very enjoyable

Linda E.

18 May 2021

Very interesting chance to see real history of early Soviet space exploration

🐧 Maple C.

18 May 2021

LOVED-LOVED her tour! She did the tour with much excitement. She spoke clearly and have enough time to take postcards. I had learned much from the tour. We always hear one side of the Space Race- the US. Anna delivered her tour with much enthusiasm.

John G.

18 May 2021

A wonderful journey through the early Soviet space program with expert guide Anna! The museum is fascinating and Anna really knows her material!

Julian D.

18 May 2021

A very nice history tour of the Russian museum for space, Anna was very good with the information and even with the very bad internet conation she presented an awesome tour full of information, about the first man in space with the history and people behind him who made it all come true.

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