Monrovia - Monrovia: the Ducor Hotel

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Monrovia: the Ducor Hotel

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Monrovia, Monrovia, Liberia
45 mins

About the tour

The Ducor Hotel is an abandoned luxury hotel in Monrovia, Liberia. Established in 1960, it had 106 rooms on eight stories. The hotel has fallen into disrepair after being occupied by squatters who were removed before a failed effort at a Libyan-funded renovation. Placed at the highest point in Monrovia it boasts views of the city and the Atlantic Ocean, with a lot of history in between.

Meet Royda Urey

Royda Urey

Royda “Philimena" Urey a Liberian native, Detroit transplant recently made a big decision to return to Liberia after living in the United States as a “refugee” for 26 years. Her decision to finally take the plunge came when her uncle, Liberian businessman Benoni Urey, began his bid for the Liberian presidency in 2017, where she served as the Lead Coordinator of Campaign Events. “Philimena” is on a mission to change the narrative on Liberia from a war/Ebola stricken country to a place with a lot of opportunity and growth, and its natural pure beauty! She does this all through a popular vlog that showcases a variety of topics on Liberia and her travels to other African countries. This site and channel can boast to have over 600,000 views, 13,000 subscribers and growing. In addition to, in 2018 Royda along with her partner, founded The Vantage Group, a growth strategy firm where she serves as the Head Of Creative Development. This group deals with many Liberian and international businesses on development, branding, investments, project management, and marketing. Royda “Philimena” Urey has pledged her life to enriching her homeland of Liberia on through various aspects, with the hope of building a better Liberia for future generations to come!

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Reviews from travellers

Mae R.

11 April 2021

It was good to see something different. I hope you do the trip again once you get a better grasp of how to use the gimbal because the imagery could be so interesting. I also had trouble connecting you being in Detroit then back in Monrovia but you said that your family was from the states and why the hotel was still vacant and what happened to the owners, and how you are able to walk through a vacant building, and why did you choose a vacant hotel to introduce the world of virtual tours to Liberia. Maybe you can answer these questions on the next tour. You have something very interesting here but needs to be tightened up a little.

Maggie L.

11 April 2021

Really interesting tour.

Estelle A.

10 April 2021

This is clearly a really interesting location and I'm so thankful to Philimena for sharing it with us. It has a strange, uncanny and haunted look about it and the view from the top is spectacular. Philimena is knowledgeable and passionate about Liberia and so fascinating to listen to. I've given this tour 4 stars out of 5 because she hasn't yet mastered the gimbal or developed the visual eye to make this an excellent tour for v-tourers, but I'm sure she will. She needs to slow right down with her movements of the camera and frame individual shots as though she herself were going to take a picture. There are many really beautiful geometric images possible in this desolate hotel- she just needs to set up shots with more care and attention to the aesthetics.

Christina (NYC) 🌇🏺🏛🦉 M.

10 April 2021

Wonderful Tour. Well presented

Pee B.

10 April 2021

Philimena did an excellent job on her first tour which was titled and focused on the Ducor hotel. She showed us the HOTEL, the interior, the outdoor property and gave us information regarding the hotel and its destruction. Granted she moved quickly, but I was able to get nice postcards. It appeared that she was eager to reach the top floor to show us the beautiful view of Monrovia and West point. Kudos Philimena. I'll love to see more of Monrovia. I hope Heygo approves you.

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