Athens - Medieval Athens, Byzantium and more

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Medieval Athens, Byzantium and more

Mon, 20 Sep
(19 reviews)
Athens Historical Centre, Athens, Greece
60 mins

About the tour

This tour is led by Nota On this tour, we will walk along the streets of the historic centre and through the square of Athens Cathedral, exploring a number of the famous Athenian Byzantine chapels - a dazzling and often overlooked layer in the city’s long history, and an important facet of Byzantine architecture. Although Athens is rightly famous for its glorious Classical past, it underwent a profound metamorphosis during the early Christian centuries. An era of destruction, plunder and decline was followed by cultural revival in the Middle-Ages, before the Fourth Crusade (1204) and the establishment of the Frankish-Latin dominion. Strolling these historic lanes, I will lead you to explore a fascinating period, revealing many aspects of Byzantium, the Eastern Roman Empire, its history, identity, religion, significance and frequent misinterpretation! Step by step, we will unravel the palimpsest that is the Athenian history, using its physical heritage as stepping stones into the past.

Meet Athens Insiders

Athens Insiders

Our philosophy is to provide experiential tours and activities - live or virtual - that engage travelers in a unique and entertaining way. We are committed to sharing our “insider” knowledge and give our guests the opportunity to look below the surface and see Greece through our eyes, as we know and love it. Our ultimate objective is for our guests to have a fabulous time while discovering Greece’s history, culture and way of life. Meet our Guides: Nota, archaeologist and licensed tour guide from 2013. A wonderfully enthusiastic and inspiring professional guide, Nota has escorted many guests in Athens over the years and received high praise. Not only has she led numerous tours around Athens, she is internationally accomplished having led tours throughout mainland Greece and the Greek Islands, across the Aegean Sea including Asia Minor, as well as Istanbul, Ankara and Cappadocia. Born and bred in Athens, Nota has been travelling to Turkey for many years, captivated by its multicultural history and the warm local hospitality. With a degree in Archaeology and Art History and post-graduate studies in Byzantine Archaeology (at the École Pratique des Hautes Etudes in Paris), she is a specialist in Byzantine art, architecture and history. She has excavated and surveyed at a number of sites in Cappadocia and elsewhere in Turkey, and at sites in Greece, ranging from the island of Kos to central Athens. Alongside her academic studies, she has worked for a specialist Byzantine photo-library in Paris and for a number of cultural institutions. A native Greek-speaker, she is fluent in English and French (and is picking up Turkish too) and puts her language skills to use as a freelance translator and editor. Nota likes nothing better than exploring Greece’s ancient sites in good company and sharing her passion and knowledge of history, arts, culture and landscapes of Mediterranean with her guests. Sissy, archaeologist and licensed tour guide. As an archaeologist, Sissi has participated in a large number of excavations all over Greece, while she is currently finishing her PhD on ancient Greek sculpture, studying more specifically god Apollo and his family. She is deeply interested, and focuses on her tours in the ancient Greek religion, society structure, mythology and philosophy searching for the inner meanings of human existence, through an amazing journey in time.

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Reviews from travellers

David and Wendy h.

26 August 2021

This was an excellent tour, Nota. You make me realise how little I know so I learn s lot from you. By coincidence I was reading a book about churches and learned that the Pope and the Patriarch of the Byzantine church excommunicated each other in 1054, which caused the churches to split. I thought of you.

An T.

26 August 2021

Professional and really nice guide

Lorraine (Melbourne Oz) C.

25 August 2021

interesting and informative

Dave K.

25 August 2021

Brilliant Tour with Nota, very enjoyable and full of historic information throughout and told with great enthusiasm. I would highly recommend this tour a must see event.

Francesca B.

25 August 2021

Really interesting talk with lots of information.

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