Kampala - Matooke- an irresistible delicacy. A step by step guide to preparing Matooke (Plantain).

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Matooke- an irresistible delicacy. A step by step guide to preparing Matooke (Plantain).

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Kampala, Kampala, Uganda
60 mins

About the tour

No meal in Cultural Buganda would be complete without matooke. In fact, the Baganda are so taken up with the word "emere" (food being the transliteration) means matooke. To be invited to somebody’s home in Buganda or western Uganda and be served pasta, rice and Irish as a staple is downright frowned upon and considered near unorthodoxy. Only the Baganda conjure up the idea of giving matooke names and it is commonplace for the matooke vendors to refer to different varieties of matooke with names such as nandigobe, moussakala, kibuzzi, nakyinkyike, and nakitembe. Join Rosemary as she fondly recalls her paternal grandmother who would never tire of eating matooke for breakfast in the form of "Gwolu" (cold leftover from the previous night served at breakfast). She will prepare for us Lunch, steamed and mashed. And maybe "katogo" form, with a few fingers of matooke, onions, tomatoes, salt, water and ghee for breakfast the next day!

Meet Infinity Ideas Network

Infinity Ideas Network

At Infinity Ideas Network, we envision to create and make available equal job opportunities for Deaf and Disabled young people for their sustainable social and economic standards of living. WHY DEAF? In Uganda, they are among the most stigmatized people who often live in isolation and are excluded with from their communities, from the education system, healthcare and other vital services. Most times they are hidden away by their families as they consider this as a bad omen. If you would like to contact us then please feel free to send an email to infinityideasnetwork@gmail.com.

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Reviews from travellers

Roz E.

25 July 2021

Been really good to explore a different culture than the usual!

J .

06 July 2021

Rosemary is always a joy to tour with – she is engaging and full of good cheer =) Katoga with g-paste with fresh avocado is very interesting - a combination of flavours I've never tried before. Everything is really fresh and healthy – looking forward to more food and other tours with Rosemary and friends =)

Diana B.

06 July 2021

Trying to livestream and cook at the same time could not have been easy to do without help so Rosemary did a magnificent job today! I was so impressed by the size of the vegetables...all massive and nice and fresh. Thank you for showing us your Ugandan specialty. It looked delicious.

Sally L.

06 July 2021

I really enjoyed this tour! It was relaxed and we saw the real food being made. It was interesting to hear about the culture and see the impact farming made on the tour guide. I loved it!!!Will join more of them. I also liked they were helping their relatives with food and wished I could contribute but I lost my job a year ago and struggle myself .Thank you for running these tours, they are amazing

🐧 Maple 🍁 C.

01 July 2021

I was a bit disappointed at the technical issues encountered- I had to keep refreshing to be able to get decent postcards and it was hard to hear her from what she told us afterwards- a vendor shouting out what he was selling out of a speaker; very distracting and totally unfazed Rosemary. However- it was fascinating to see how plantains were grown and harvested. She had also showed what else was growing in the garden. I was disappointed that she didn't make "katogo" (like what it had been 'advertised' for her tour) or anything else other than the steamed & mashed plantain.

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