Paris - Louvre: The Italian Renaissance

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Louvre: The Italian Renaissance

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Louvre, Paris, France
45 mins

About the tour

The Musée du Louvre, one of the biggest museums in the world, is home to some of the most prized Italian Renaissance paintings. From the spectacular Wedding in Cana by Veronese to exquisite sculptures by Michelangelo and Donatello, the Louvre can leave you spellbound. The most famous masterpiece in the museum, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, is the crowning glory of this collection. Arguably one of the most famous paintings in the world, the Mona Lisa needs no introduction for your Louvre bucket list. It’s wooed huge crowds and sensational headlines for centuries, and the smiling lady is one of the show-stealers you shouldn’t miss (snap a postcard while you’re at it!) In this virtual tour of the Louvre, you'll get to see world-famous masterpieces and discover Italian sculptures and paintings with Patrick. WARNING : The signal may fluctuate, so it may get blurry as we move from one piece of art to another. COVID restrictions are always evolving, so if a room is unavailable, the guide will show a similar one. Since it's a museum, an art piece may be removed for lending to an exhibition or for renovation. In that case, the guide will adapt to show you another masterpiece. Don't worry! There are more than 35,000 pieces of art in the Louvre that span centuries (the oldest is over 9,000 years old!), so we will always have a new masterpiece to discover.

Meet Patrick Herpe

Patrick Herpe

Patrick isn't one to shy away from travel and adventure. "I was lucky enough to travel the world with my job, discover different cultures, and meet incredible people!" he says, after having explored multiple cities across Europe and Asia. On his tours, you may catch more than a surprise or two about Paris. "In fact, it is an everyday experience. I'm a native Parisian, but every day, I continue to discover new things, new secrets about Paris. It's a never-ending story," he laughs. It was his love for Paris that led him to become a guide. "I'm a father and a teacher, and I realized that my passion was to share my knowledge, so I decided to be a guide about one of my passion: Paris!" Patrick chips in. "I enjoy sharing the love and passion I have for my own city, Paris. Its monuments, its history, its gastronomy, its culture, and all of its little secrets. I can't wait to share all of these with you!" "At the end of my tour I always give a virtual bise - two in fact being a good Parisian!" he laughs.

What to expect

Get ready for something special. We’re travelling to Paris with no passport, no plane ticket and no luggage. And yet you’ll experience all the sights, sounds and stories with just your laptop, favorite snack and an amazing content creator.

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Reviews from travellers

Nives (Victoria, Canada) J.

13 June 2021

Great tour!

Rebecca M.

11 June 2021

Love your tours. Also,love your accent, no problems to understand you. I actually adore listening to a French accent. I am retired from Pneus Michelin Canada, and over the years many a Frenchman has come over from France for extended work periods of time so always a Frenchman around, lucky for me. Pls continue with the great tours.

Marie P.

11 June 2021

Why does so excellent guide do a tour in a place where is not any signal?

Ellen D.

11 June 2021

Patrick did a great job at the Louvre - I love the live stream aspect because you feel like you are really there! I am sure I will never be able to view the Mona Lisa in such an uncrowded environment ever again. And I loved his analysis of "The Wedding at Cana." Patrick's accent takes a minute to get used to, but that's part of the charm of having a local guide. Enjoyed thoroughly, and will take more of his tours again.

Shaheen A.

11 June 2021

Loved it. I missed the Louvre when I visited Paris in the 80’s so this was special - thank you❤️

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