Delhi - Kadhi Pakora- A Famous Tangy Flavorful Indian Curry with Rice

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Kadhi Pakora- A Famous Tangy Flavorful Indian Curry with Rice

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Delhi, Delhi, India
45 mins

About the tour

India is famous for its different varieties of curries and gravy dishes. Often we have misconceptions about Indian cooking and food like it is really time consuming and difficult, requires a lot of different ingredients, can't be done on your own and is very hot. To change your perspectives on Indian cooking and to add more variety to the cooking classes, we will be preparing Kadhi Pakora in this session which is famously served with rice. This tour would focus on showing you on how to prepare the above mentioned curry in some easy steps. Through this tour, your host would be changing lot of perceptions about Indian cooking, India in general and you will be learning how to cook real authentic Indian food from your own home as you follow along step by step together. Here are the ingredients for preparing Kadhi Pakora: 2 bowl yogurt Chickpea flour/gram flour Spinach ( 100 gms) Spices: Mustard seeds, Salt, red chilli powder, dry coriander powder, Ajwain ( Carom seeds), Cumin seeds, Amchoor( dry mango powder), Garam Masala, turmeric powder, 1 dried red chilli, Asafoetida( Hing), Baking Soda Oil Dry fenugreek leaves or dry coriander powder Rice Your host for this tour, Komal would be there to spread the flavours and aromas of Indian food and spices into your kitchen and change your perceptions through her easy to follow recipes.

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Women for World

Women for world is a travel community founded in 2020 with a vision to inspire young minds especially women to travel more and empower them to follow their passion fearlessly. Our aim is to create more acceptance and social equality in the tourism industry by providing equal opportunities regardless of the gender and bring a positive change in the society around us .We focus on providing authentic experience rich travel ranging from city tours to multi day tours offering sustainable, offbeat and local travel experiences which in turn also helps us to uplift local communities and small businesses. We are a team of three incredibly passionate guides Komal, Pallavi and Shrishti who share the same vision that travel is the best way of education and hence through our virtual experiences, we are here to bring you one step closer to the Indian culture, food, art and the amazing architecture.

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Reviews from travellers


10 September 2021


Marissa🌬 💕.

09 August 2021

I adore Komal so much! She is so talented at what she does and with the cooking sessions she films herself while cooking and explaining and following the chat, she should have her own show! All her cooking sessions are amazing and look fabulous yet simple enough to do at home. I can't say enough good things. She is a joy just to watch and listen to. I recommend joining all her tours!

Emily B.

09 August 2021

Love being a “fly on the wall” in Komal’s kitchen! Great food, easy to follow recipes, always something new to try. Komal is a fantastic guide and cook, do check out her sessions.

Stephanie W.

18 July 2021

A very industrious and informative time in the kitchen learning how to cook Kadhi Pakora- a Famous Tangy Flavorful Indian Curry with Rice....and it turned out looking so delicious. Step by step we learned Indian cooking techniques and glimpsed inside the special tin of mixed spices - the secret ingredients of successful Indian cuisine along with ground chick pea flour to make the sauce. It was a great experience but, unfortunately lacked in the tactile capacity for us to smell and taste. Many of the travelers have clearly taken up Indian cooking at home, some stating that since their HeyGo tour to India their favourite family dinners are now curries and rice. The tour hostess and kitchen chef was so hospitable and to conclude, after she tasted the food on our behalf, extended a once in a life time opportunity to join her via HeyGo at her sister's wedding coming up very soon. Don't hold back on learning Indian about Indian culture - join these tours.

Janet G.

12 July 2021

I love Komal's cooking tours and I can't wait to try this dish. Thank you so much!

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