Tata - Hungarian Countryside Tours Series: Tata, the City of Waters

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Hungarian Countryside Tours Series: Tata, the City of Waters

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Old town , Tata, Hungary
60 mins

About the tour

This episode of the Hungarian countryside tours take you to Tata, which is also known as the city of waters for being located by the Old lake.  Tata happened to be the centre of the Esterhazy family's county sized land that we partially discover during the "Lake District of Tatabanya Basin '' tour. Being one of the wealthiest Hungarian aristocratic families, the Esterhazy's made sure that their wealth and power would not be questioned by anyone living or travelling through their land hence they built their palace right next to King Sigismund's castle. However the palace is one of the nicest baroque style buildings in Hungary of its own category, it is not the single highlight of this tour.  We start this 45 minute long virtual walking tour from the old town of Tata, this way you can get the feel of this city before arriving at the Old Lake where both the palace and the castle are located.  The icing on the tour's cake is that we conclude our walk by the lake with breathtaking views overlooking the castle built during the 1300s. 

Meet Adam


Working as a tourist guide was not my first career choice, but it seems to be the right choice. For a while I followed a sort-of standard path: getting my bachelor, and my masters degree and started to work for a multinational company. Meanwhile my interest towards my hometown kept growing to the point that my friends convinced me to return to school and get my licence to become a tourist guide. As the saying goes: the rest is history. I have been in the business since 2011 and regardless of all the hardship, difficulties, uncertainty I still have passion for my profession. Which I hope will be obvious for you once you take a tour with me in Budapest, or in the Hungarian countryside. By joining a tour with me you will get two in one: a professional, licenced guide and an amateur urban photography enthusiast. Both are very handy when it comes to live, virtual tours. You can expect great angles, excellent postcard opportunities and a dry sense of humour during my tours as I strongly believe in entertaining while educating.  Kind regards

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Reviews from travellers

Janet G.

30 June 2021

Adam is a fun and very knowledgeable tour guide. I always enjoy his tours. Thank you so much!

Helen ..

29 June 2021

Beautiful tour of Tata town in Komárom-Esztergom county. This tour is one of the Hungarian Countryside Tours Series and took us to Tata, also know as City of Waters, a baroque town with 25 thousand inhabitants located by the Old Lake. As highlights of this tour, we could see Tata Catholic church located in Kossuth square, and the Esterházy Palace, a baroque style building that belonged to the Esterházy family, a prominent Hungarian noble family who became perhaps the most significant landowners of the Habsburg-ruled Kingdom of Hungary in the 17th century. In addition, we also saw one of the jewels of the town that is The Castle of Tata, built since the end of 1300s which blooming can be dated to the reign of Zsigmond Luxemburg and Mátyás Hunyadi as the summer resort of the king. The walls of the castle reflect the marks of romantic style which is due to the Esterházy family that used to live there. Also as a Jew, I was glad to see a synagogue. The tour finished with wonderful views of the Old Lake. I also learned in the tour about the history of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory, (a Hungarian manufacturing company, specialized in luxury hand painted and gilded porcelain) because Henceforth Fischer, who was born in Tata, was one of the founders of the company in 1839. Adam, as always, was very informative and interactive with the questions of travellers, and used his exceptional camera handling to allow us to take wonderful photos. I hope that this tour could be repeated for more travellers to enjoy it. Thank you, Adam, for your efforts travelling for hours in a train braving the very high temperatures.

Faith F.

29 June 2021

Adam's tours are always interesting and well-paced. His camera work is fabulous. Thank you for braving the heat!

Reesa B.

29 June 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed spending my morning with Adam, exploring the countryside on his bicycle, and then touring around in Tata. I particularly love how Adam connects the dots between the different places that we have toured with him. To me, it's always interesting when he includes the Jewish community in Hungary because I always learn new facts about how Jews were an integral part in the country from way back. It's sad that the Holocaust and the Revolution lead to many finding new countries to live in, while bringing their Hungarian heritage with them. Thank you Adam!

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Pam W.

29 June 2021

Yet another great tour from Adam. Tats is a very interesting place to visit, and Adam gives lots of information, but is never boring

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