Hanoi - Hang-out like Teenager in Hanoi city

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Hang-out like Teenager in Hanoi city

Tomorrow, 12:00 AM
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Old Quarter, Local area, Hanoi, Vietnam
60 mins

About the tour

We will begin our journey in the old quarter, "the heaven of snacks" as teenagers would say. As a student, when we have time, we usually hang-out the whole afternoon with lots of snacks. It's perfect to start a hang-out with a refreshing dish of sweet and spicy salad. On the side, a dish of transparent dumplings and the good old-timey "Nem Rán" - a popular snack among students of all generations in Vietnam. Then we keep walking in the vivid old quarter, to see all kinds of shops and local's activities. After a 10 minutes walk, we get to our second stop - Fresh Lime Tea and Stuffed Donut Wholes. A refreshing drink is always a good break between the snacks. After that, we will get to the local area for some real local snacks. First we try "Bánh Đúc Nóng" - a snacks that "lived" in Hanoian's life for hundreds of years. Then, we take a walk deep into a local open market, to finally try a snack in the most "Snacky" way. The locals work in the markets invented a lot of snacks due to there boredom while working there.

Meet Lê Hoàng / Jude

Lê Hoàng / Jude

Over the last 5 years, Hoàng has been a local guide in Hanoi and welcomed thousands of guests to his tours all over the country, and received countless compliments for his hospitality and service. Now Hoàng is bringing his service and Vietnam's coffee to you with this online experience. Hoàng was born and raised in Hanoi City, the heart of Coffee Culture in Vietnam. So he loves coffee by default. Hoàng's father taught him how to brew coffee when he was 6 and since then, he never stopped brewing. Becoming a guide helped Hoàng a lot in improving his coffee brewing skills. He got to know more about the culture and got tips everywhere in Vietnam, from other coffee lovers. And now, he's ready to share his passion with his viewers, fellow travellers and coffee lovers.

What to expect

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Reviews from travellers

A ..

18 April 2021

Wonderful tour guide with wonderful tours

Emma Donegal 🇮🇪 ❣.

18 April 2021

Hoàng took us to a very lively and noisy beer corner in Hanoi so we could sit among all the local young people while they were enjoying their beer and snacks. Great atmosphere and an interesting insight into life for the local youth. Just wish I could have been there with them all.

Lesa H.

18 April 2021

A great emmersive experience, such fun to see crowds out having fun and listening to music.

Mark W.

17 April 2021


Lisa T.

17 April 2021

Excellent as always

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