Melbourne - Guided Meditation for Blissful Inner Peace

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Guided Meditation for Blissful Inner Peace

Mon, 20 Sep
(330 reviews)
Alex's Meditation Space, Melbourne, Australia
40 mins

About the tour

Join Alexander, a long-time meditator, on this guided meditation designed to recharge and bring yourself back to the present. Stress seems to be endemic in today's world. With all that's going on, we tend to forget the good that life has to offer us and get drawn away from the present moment. This mediation is aimed to help you feel more hopeful about the future and slow down your anxious thoughts about the pandemic and all the negativity that is happening in the world today. We can't control today's current affairs but we can control how we respond to them. Stress is not only bad for your mind, it can affect your physical well-being in devastating ways. Alexander will guide you through a calming, blissful and rejuvenating meditation to either kickstart your day or wind down. He will teach you the basics of meditation so that you can later meditate in your own time whenever it is needed. This will be a weekly segment so that you can, at the very least, meditate once a week and heal your body over time. Within 8 weeks you will already start feeling calmer, more focused and more grounded. The meditation will go on for 30 minutes (with a 5 minute intro and 5 minute debrief). If you rock up late, that's fine, just join in! Everyone's welcome!

Meet Alexander


Alexander wants to live in a world filled with appreciation for other cultures, free travel and guacamole as a global currency (we’re allowed to dream right?!). “Storytelling has always been a passion of mine. Whether it’s in the form of acting, writing or showing people around my captivating city. It feels great to express my passions in so many different ways” Alex says, while sipping on a decaf soy latte (a very common beverage in Melbourne, also known as Australia's coffee capital). Alexander believes that it would be a waste and disservice to his fellow humans to not show them around his backyard (well, not his actual backyard, but you get the picture). He’s dedicated to sharing his city’s beauty and history, and once and for all proving to people that kangaroos don’t just bounce around everywhere. Alexander has been running tours for the last 4 years, with his most popular tour being Melbourne’s Hidden Penguins (there you go, saved you a trip to Antarctica!). When he is not touring, Alexander works as an actor, filmmaker and blog writer.

What to expect

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Reviews from travellers

Michaela (Austria) M.

16 September 2021

Alex tries to find beautiful spots for us to enjoy - and this time was no different. Love his guiding, the way he keeps us motivated throughout and the talk before and after - the feeling of community and being there together. Thanks, Alex, for offering not only the sessions, but so much more to go along with it!

J B.

13 September 2021

I fell asleep in the middle, so it must have worked. Thank you, Alex.

Ruth R.

13 September 2021

Great relaxation by the side of the lake - though maybe too good as I dozed off really quickly!! But it served its purpose to relax the body and we had a quick chat and question session afterwards..

Gayle C.

12 September 2021

His meditation was lovely and he was kind and caring to everyone there. Feeling lucky to have found him.

Amanda H.

10 September 2021


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