Santo Domingo - Engombe:  A 1519 Ex-Sugar Factory

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Engombe: A 1519 Ex-Sugar Factory

Fri, 24 Sep
(12 reviews)
Rural area of Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
35 mins

About the tour

Engombe is in the World Cultural Heritage serial tentative list of UNESCO. It is a 1519 ex-sugar mill. It’s a rich secret full of different histories, tourists hardly come here from our beaches. This tour is a combination of topics like agriculture, entrepreneurship, colonial trade, slavery, piracy, colonial rural life and European wars in the Caribbean. How did people live far away from Europe in rural areas without basic comfort in early 16 century? How did they defend from European pirate attacks? What kind initial relation existed among the first “Spaniards, Taino Indians, Arawak, and Africans? This is one of the first industry organized in America by Europeans that faced many challenges and witness the suffering of hundreds. Do you want to see how they organized life, production and supply? A picnic place, wedding pictures and small green sport ground of kids in weekends, come and see.

Meet Samuel Bisono

Samuel Bisono

Samuel has presented his city Santo Domingo for international tv shows, documentaries and university groups from many perspectives. His tours pick up traces of cultures and moments of the past hidden in old newspapers, tv shows and international conferences and books. Things are there, it is just a matter to find what explains its presence or absence. A great deal of information come from primary sources.

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Reviews from travellers

Joanne S.

11 September 2021

It was very interesting to see the the landscape of the Dominican Republic and to hear the history of the sugar factory and the relatively humane treatment of the slaves on the island. Much of the tour concentrated on several 15 year old girls celebrating their birthdays by having their photos taken in the grounds and amongst the old buildings. I wasn't expecting that.


10 September 2021


Rita R.

29 August 2021

Samuel's tour was brief and didn't include much information. He wasn't very hospitable, including ending the tour without showing his face to the tour members, as most tour guides do. He could do much better if he were told.

Noreene, Lancaster, PA .

29 August 2021

The sugar plantations have fascinated and horrified me since I first learned about them at the Natl Museum of African American History in Washington, DC. I hope that Samuel can expand on this information in another tour, perhaps using illustrations since it is not possible to get signal in the other locations. His explanations about the architecture and the history of the free man workers as well as slaves fascinated me. It is a short tour, but packed with information and is a story that I hope continues. Thank you, Samuel!

Heather R.

29 August 2021

Got the final money shot only. I missed the tour. Got it 💚💜🙌& will have 2 wait 4 Samuel next time. He sounds so interesting with his facts & stories of his beloved Santo Domingo. Thx.

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