Singapore - Dinner Time: Cooking Singaporean Chicken Rice and Talk about Trade routes

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Dinner Time: Cooking Singaporean Chicken Rice and Talk about Trade routes

Sun, 8 Aug
(18 reviews)
My Kitchen, Singapore, Singapore
50 mins

About the tour

Chicken Rice is one of the great staples in the small island nation of Singapore, it's a shockingly easy dish that will dazzle you. The country of Singapore though small has a rich history one can write many books about. Living in Singapore gave me an interesting perspective on all things delicious, as we prepare this dish let's have a talk on trade routes, their importance, and how they change the culture and cuisine of places. What you'll need: Chicken (I use thigh, but honestly ANY CUT except the neck will do, however much you'd like to eat) Sesame Seed Oil (1 tsp per 100 g of chicken) Soy Sauce (2 tsp per 100 g of chicken) Chicken Stock/Bullion Cube (Twice the cups of rice) Rice (any number of cups, it dictates the amounts of other ingredients) Ginger (1 tbsp per cup of rice) Garlic (1 tbsp per cup of rice) Shallots or Onions (2 tbsp per cup of rice) Scallions (optional) Red Chillies (optional)

Meet Hriday Sharma

Hriday Sharma

A software engineer by qualification, Hriday's real interests weren't fully satisfied by his desk job. After moving to Philadelphia in 2015, he began taking an interest in theatre and began moonlighting as a stand up comedian. This hobby of his marries perfectly into his passion for food, travel and stories. He has grown up living in 7 different countries and visited an additional 19 more through his travels. Now since being in Philadelphia and adopting it as his new home, he is excited to tell you all about the history, its thriving food scene, its beautiful parks and much more in the City of Brotherly love through his own unique lens. As they'd say in Philly "you don't wanna miss this jawn"

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Reviews from travellers

Desdra (California) W.

24 May 2021

Nice job. I would have liked to have a recipe that I could have taken a postcard of but I wrote down most of it. Thanks for the history along with the food. I enjoyed this very much.

Jennifer, Coastal North Carolina. USA W.

24 May 2021

A card with the written recipe on that we could take a postcard of would have been helpful. Very interesting!

Michelle G.

24 May 2021

A fun, immersive class on a tasty traditional dish!

AMA frm LondonONtarioCAnada A.

24 May 2021

Followed the Cooking Singapore Chicken rice tour. Easy to follow. And cool mini history, and very interactive guide. Enjoyed this a lot. The only suggestion would be to add postcard for the recipe in case everyone just jumped in live without reading the tour notes ahead of time, and also an opportunity to take a picture of the map of Singapore. There were also some words used in the history and food talk that may need spelling ahead of time so that people could look up after and read more about. Terima Kasih for the tour!

Rhona T.

10 May 2021

The food looked amazing!

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