Leiden - Cradle of the Dutch Tulip, City of Science, Home of young Rembrandt

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Cradle of the Dutch Tulip, City of Science, Home of young Rembrandt

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The old town, Leiden, Netherlands
45 mins

About the tour

In the Netherlands old Roman roads are almost absent. Transport of persons and goods back then had to be done by shipping. The best location to start a new town was where two rivers met. Such was the case of Leiden. Rivers had a positive impact on trade but caused the danger of flooding. In order to maintain dry feet, a hill was erected. To withstand military invasion, the hill was surrounded by a wall. The burcht survived until today and became immortalized in the coat of arms of Leiden. When production of cloth in Flanders declined at the end of the sixteenth century, Leiden took over. This generated a high demand for workforce in textile manufacturing, which stimulated a large group of British Pilgrim Fathers to move from Amsterdam to Leiden. The oldest university in the Netherlands is located in Leiden. One of the many famous persons connected to the university was Dr. Clusius, the botanist who brought the tulip to the Netherlands. Impossible not to mention is that one of the greatest Dutch painters, Rembrandt, grew up in Leiden.

Meet Ton


After his graduation in social geography, just in between the big bang and the collapse of the Roman empire, Ton worked on a science program for children and on urban planning in Amsterdam. He found out that his happiest moments were those were the interaction was not with the keyboard but with people. This made him decide to make a living out of guiding. Initially related to urban planning and architecture, later on the scope became much wider: art, history, society. As a social geographer Ton always looks for the reasons behind present day reality: why was a town founded? Why did it grow, or not? Why such an enormous church or city hall in a small town? Ton's philosophy about life is rather simple. He believes the sense of being is Sharing LKW: Love, Knowledge, Wine.

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Reviews from travellers

Cynthia (Baltimore, Maryland, USA) W.

17 April 2021

This was an amazing tour with so much great information.

Lisa M.

12 April 2021

Such a pretty, picturesque town. Someone on another tour I was on asked for a tour of Leiden, and I'm glad they did. Incredibly blue skies make for great postcards!


12 April 2021

Nice job of making sure we see everything

Nancie S. (Philadelphia) 🇺🇸 .

12 April 2021

Hate to be negative bc I'm not a hater, BUT Ton's tone is flat and becomes uncomfortable to listen to. He does have lots of interesting to disseminate, but I usually don't stay to listen. A bit more liveliness might help, however that may not be his personality. Hope that helps!...also could you consider changing the JOIN color on tour calendar page, back to GOLD. Not enough contrast on page by making it pink as are the times. TY

Sheila D.

12 April 2021

Thanks for an interesting tour.

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