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Skopje - Cooking class - Sarma "the Queen" of the Balkan cuisine

Cooking class - Sarma "the Queen" of the Balkan cuisine

(44 reviews)
Skopje, Skopje, North Macedonia
45 mins

About the tour

Sarma is a dish of cabbage or vine leaves, rolled around a filling of rice, and minced meat. Although this dish has its origin in Turkey, during the Ottoman period was spread and accepted all across the Ottoman Empire. It is probably the most popular dish around the Balkans, especially during the "slava" season. Join me and my wife and learn to prepare sarma according to our recipe. Ingredients: 1kg sauerkraut leaves - 300gr.minced meat(beef or mixed) - 1/2 cup rise - 1 midsized white onion - 2 midsized carrots - 2 pinches salt - 2 tea spoons red pepper - black pepper (to taste) - 2 tea spoons dry vegetable spice (Vegeta) - 1 tea spoon dry or fresh parsley

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Born in Skopje in the last century, Zoran is a licensed local tour guide and a former high school teacher from Skopje, with years of experience in guiding. Five years ago he founded Free Skopje Walking Tours in order to give the local perspective of the city to its visitors. He loves his hometown with all his heart, which can be seen through the passion with which he guides the tours. Due to his contribution in 2018 and 2019, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia awarded him with the award "Best Tourist Guide in Macedonia". His tours are also highly recommended by his guests. Their reviews in a very short period of time, made his Free Skopje Walking Tours the best ranked tour in Skopje on TripAdvisor. Join him to learn more about this hidden gem of Europe in a fun and interesting way.

Zoran has been guiding since Sep 2013

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Reviews from travellers

Tina H.

06 April 2021

Sadly I left very quickly. I know its my issue but the dogs really made me feel ill. All I could think of was food and pets. I was looking forward to learning a new menu, back to chef google!

Evelyn C.

06 April 2021

What a great trip! It felt like I was really there with you guys having a dinner party. Love the tips and tricks! Thank you so much.

Marg R.

05 April 2021

Great cooking class. Can't wait to try your recipe here in Canada. Thank you for the thorough coverage....and for your wife :-)

Terry C.

05 April 2021

Really good fun. Love the way the same recipes are presented in a variety of ways. So interesting learning to cook in different cultures. Thank you for inviting us into your kitchen.

Penelope D.

05 April 2021

My husband and I laughed all the way through Zoran’s tour. We haven’t had a chance to cook any of his recipes, but just watching him and his wife in the kitchen makes us feel good. xx

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