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Chengdu - Chengdu Park with Ear-Cleaning Custom

Chengdu Park with Ear-Cleaning Custom

Chengdu, Chengdu, China
35 mins

About the tour

If you ask Chengdu people, what is the most comfortable thing to do there? The locals may be able to tell you a lot of happy things without thinking: eating hot pot, sitting in a tea house, playing poker, rubbing Sichuan hemp, taking a bath, setting a dragon gate... but, the most comfortable and unique thing is-Ear-Cleaning! And, the fantastic experience you could get is in a very comprehensive garden integrating cultural relics and leisure. What's more? Let's discover it together.

Meet your local guides


Alice is a very caring and knowledge Shanghai guide with over eight years of experience. She always goes above and beyond to make sure all her guests are comfortable and have their needs met and consistently gets great reviews and customers respond to her easy-going, but professional manor. An avid traveller herself, she has a passion for visiting unique and off-beaten places with her husband and has been an international guide that helped fine-tune her English. Alice’s high energy even shines through on virtual tours.

Alice has been guiding since Mar 2013


Cassie was born in Chengdu southwest China, which is also known as the hometown of giant pandas. She has been working as a tour guide since 2013 after she graduated from university. Cassie loves her job, because it allows her to follow her passion of providing local experience and insider knowledge to her travellers. Since 2017, she became a trip leader and guided travellers around the whole of China for 21-25 days. She am always sincere and patient with my travellers and truly cares about them. Cassie loves reading and travelling and have travelled to several other countries. The coolest trip she has ever been on is two months trip to India where she learned Yoga. That was a very special experience for her. She's also a fan of public speaking. So, she is a member of Toast Masters International and the current President of her club. Cassie really loves talking and communicating with people. She hopes to see you all soon to share with you my lovely hometown and pandas.

Cassie has been guiding since Jan 2013

What to expect

Get ready for something special. We're travelling to Chengdu with no passport, no plane ticket and no luggage. And yet you'll experience all the sights, sounds and stories with just your laptop, favorite snack and an amazing guide.

The tour will last about 35 mins and will be live-streamed by your guide directly from Chengdu. Forget about slideshows or pre-recorded videos, this is a live broadcast and anything can happen!

While on the tour you’ll be able to see a full screen video of your guide and their surroundings, interact with them and other travellers through the live chat, see where you are in the world on a map and show your appreciation with a tip.

Why are they tip-supported?

We are running these tours on a tip-supported basis to make them as accessible as possible. They are free to book and join, but you have the option to tip the guide during the tour.

Leaving a tip will help support the guides and allow us to offer tours in more places around the world. If you aren't able to leave a tip, then it would be great if you can share the tour with friends and family to spread the word.

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How to join

Reserve your spot by selecting a time to book. Once done, you’ll be able to see your reservations on your Trips page and we’ll send you an email confirmation with a link to join the tour.

For the best viewing experience, please join on a computer using Google Chrome.

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