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Naples - Ancient Spiced Wines Class with an Archaeologist

Ancient Spiced Wines Class with an Archaeologist

(24 reviews)
Naples and Pompei, Naples, Italy
45 mins

About the tour

* Please carefully read the notes for the ingredients you’ll need. For each type of wine, we’ll prepare based on a 250ml serving (the same as a CUP). Without leaving wherever you are, get ready for a journey through the history and archaeology of wine and together we'll prepare 4 ANCIENT SPICED WINES! I’ll teach you the secrets of spiced wine that people drank in Roman time, in the Middle Age, and the Renaissance! In this online experience, you will get comfortable sipping a glass of wine during the explanation so you will go even further into the past ... we'll go over the historical significance of wine: Exploring the art of wine in POMPEII, you’ll learn which wine gladiators liked to drink, the one preferred by Julius Caesar, and the classic wine found in the shops of ancient Rome. We’ll also tell you about wine from the Middle Ages and how it was used for magical and esoteric purposes. We’ll discuss what wine was used to cheers during wedding banquets in the Renaissance period. It’s not just history... we’ll have fun, too! We’ll then prepare four different types of spiced wine: - 2 Roman (white wines) - 1 Middle Age (red wine) - 1 Renaissance (red wine) During making our wines, we’ll talk about food to accompany these recipes and anecdotes’. You'll sip on your Wines of the Past and feel like you're with me at the slopes of Mount Vesuvius near the beautiful Napoli. ** Wines must rest a couple of hours for fermentation NOTES FOR INGREDIENTS: - use something to measure the quantity of wine - red and white wine ( not sparkling! ) - cinnamon sticks or powder (4 or 25gr) - cloves (12) - fresh ginger or powdered - nutmeg - black pepper (ground or peppercorns) - Bay leaf (a few grams or a couple of leaves) - Smooth Honey not solid - Orange and Lemon wedges - Pot or container to mix - Small Spoons - 4 empty glass jars to store the wine we make SUGGESTION ABOUT TYPE OF WINES: -- White: Pinot Grigio; Sauvignon Blanc; Falanghina; Fiano -- Red: Cabernet; Shyraz; Aglianico; Chianti

Meet your local guide

Raffaele the Archaeologist

Raffaele is a Neapolitan Archaeologist with 12 years of field experience and he's an Official Tour Guide of the Campania Region. He has a BA in Archaeology, a masters in Classical Archaeology and a Ph.D in Archeological Heritage. Also he works on archeological excavations in Naples. Since he was a child, he has always loved the ancient history of Greece and Rome as well as art from the Middle Ages to the 20th (1900s). He loves to meet new people!

Raffaele the Archaeologist has been guiding since Apr 2015

What to expect

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Reviews from travellers

Martin W.

14 March 2021

Raffaele is a very engaging chap with a superb command of English who creates a very interesting, informative and enjoyable session. We haven’t tried the spiced wines yet, though we made them along with him - maybe tonight...

A K.

13 March 2021

The wines were delicious and Raffaele was excellent. Too bad the background could have been anywhere in the world.

Wendy From Canada ..

13 March 2021

Good tour , very informative on a subject that I really did not know much about. Will be trying some of the Ancient Spiced Wines recipes. Thanks for bring an interesting historical perspective.

Kate 💙.

13 March 2021

What a fun tour. Can't wait to try these myself. Very well presented. Thank you

Lynn H.

13 March 2021

Great tour. We had all the ingredients ready to make all the wines. A little bit of history as well as the recipes . Now we have to wait a few days to try the wine. Very enjoyable.

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