Lima - African influences: “Anticucho” and “Tacu-Tacu”

African influences: “Anticucho” and “Tacu-Tacu”

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Vanessa’s home, Lima, Peru
45 mins

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Peruvians are proud of their mixed traditions, culture and food, being the Afro-peruvian culture one of the most beloved and recognized in our nation . The forced immigration of African slaves to Peru in the 16th century started one of the saddest chapters of the history of this country, and at the same time made possible the integration of culinary techniques , new recipes and an explosion of flavors never seen before . In todays class we will celebrate the Afro-peruvian heritage of Peru with two very traditional dishes. Lets start! Note: these are not vegetarian recipes , for sensitive people about animal products we advise seeing the list of ingredients before joining. Thanks so much For 2 servings ANTICUCHO 1/2 kg of beef heart Aji Panca paste (red chili pepper paste) Yellow chili paste Garlic paste Red vinegar Salt, pepper, and cumin to the taste TACU-TACU 1 cup of boiled canary beans 1 cup of boiled rice 1/2 onion 1/2 tomato 1 tea spoon of garlic paste 1 tea spoon of yellow chili paste Salt and pepper Oregano in powder Vegetable oil 2 eggs Sarsa criolla: 1/2 onion 1/2 tomato 1/2 yellow chili A pinch of cilantro Key lime White vinegar Salt and pepper to the tast Disclaimer: allergens not provided

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Vanessa is a native from Lima, Perú. An archaeologist wanna-be and momma to three, she is always on a never ending search for the best ceviche in town! Vanessa is an official tour guide and has been an ambassador of her city since 2006 with such a passion for history that she married an archeologist. After spending almost 14 years solely in the travel and tourism space, she decided to reinvent the tour guide wheel and go “virtual” with you! While Lima can sometimes be misunderstood by many for its chaos and busyness, it woos you with its incredible cuisine, warm people and stunning archaeological sites. In her tours, you might catch a spectacular sunset in the ocean while seeing surfers waiting for the last waves before going home, spot an ancient archaeological site, or explore amazing Peruvian dishes at some of the city’s popular restaurants. “My biggest interest lies in being an interpreter of my culture and an ambassador of my country to others visiting Peru. I learned many years ago that travelers see the country they visit through the eyes of their tour guide, and to me, that is a powerful reason to give my 100% each time and to love my job,” she says passionately. Join Vanessa on a tour as she takes you to her favorite places in Lima. You won't find a more passionate and enthusiastic guide.

Vanessa has been guiding since Jan 2006

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Reviews from travellers

Mark T.

15 March 2021


Anja G.

15 March 2021

The cooking was fantastic. Vanessa and Marek were great.

jonathan s.

15 March 2021

another great dish that you and your husband made thank you for inviting us to your kitchen

Marilyn J.

15 February 2021

Another lovely cooking class with Vanessa and Marek. Love this classes. Fun and informative.

🏳️‍🌈Debbie (Ont., Ca) G.

15 February 2021

I have so many new recipes to cook, wonderful tour and cooking classes. Have learned a lot about the different influences in Peruvian cooking. Thank you Vanessa and Marek.

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