Buenos Aires -  A Word in Spanish in Buenos Aires...

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A Word in Spanish in Buenos Aires...

Sun, 31 Oct
(25 reviews)
Buenos Aires , Buenos Aires, Argentina
45 mins

About the tour

A good excuse to look over, practice, or learn your Español while you virtually visit a bookstore, a square, a market, or a cafe in Buenos Aires. In a quiet and funny way, we will be discovering the secrets of this beautiful city trying to feel it like a local, like a porteño. You can be a part of the fourth-most spoken language in the world, and, as a bonus track, we will speak out some words in Lunfardo, the BA argot- slang, just for fun. Vamos che!

Meet FabianBA


Almost a decade ago, Fabian kickstarted his career as a tour guide after leaving a cushiony corporate role as an HR Manager. Since then, he has enjoyed spinning exciting stories to travelers and taking them through one of the most European cities of Latin America. Through his lens, you will discover the city that's home to the widest avenue, the widest river, and brimming with people who love football. Buenos Aires was a British colony for a little over a month, but it carries with it a hint of different cultures. "Argentineans are Italians who speak Spanish but they think they live in France!" Fabian laughs. Through his tours, you might hear him sing a tango (or humming to U2’s “With or Without You”), learn a couple of magic tricks (fun fact: he's an amateur magician!), and check out yerba mate, a super healthy herbal tea that's a local popularity. "Being a tour guide is a bit like a teacher, and I enjoy telling stories. Buenos Aires is full of stories, bizarre, strange, hard to believe stories," he says.

What to expect

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Reviews from travellers

Augusto M.

22 September 2021

It was fun to explore an urban park in Buenos Aires. The tour, as advertised was conducted in Spanish with occasional summaries given in English. It was great for anyone who wants to practice their comprehension of Spanish. Fabian spoke slowly and commented on his use of words that have unique local meanings.

Paul B.

21 September 2021

Excellent tour, as always, with Fabian, and I learnt lots of Spanish.

Debra W.

21 September 2021

Lovely views around the park and surroundings. in Spanish language.

Karen W.

28 August 2021

Fabian is such a skilled tour guide! The amount of Spanish vs English (80% vs 20%) and his speaking pace were perfect for any level of Spanish-speaking expertise as was his choice of venue and content. His tours are always very interesting in ANY language and his engaging personality makes everyone feel like they are right there with him in person. I look forward to more of these tours with Fabian!

Michaela (Austria) M.

28 August 2021

Thanks, Fabian, for a great Spanish tour! Loved the cafe and the movie scenes you showed us and the surprise piano concert :) I had two years of Spanish 20 years ago so I was not sure how much I would understand but it worked out pretty well - I understood the basic story lines and was glad I could ask my questions in English :) Loved the idea of teaching us some slang words at the end! Muchas gracias!

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