Hong Kong - A Taste of Anapana Meditation - Living in the Present Moment

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A Taste of Anapana Meditation - Living in the Present Moment

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Hong Kong Suburb , Hong Kong, Hong Kong
35 mins

About the tour

This tour will give you an introduction of what Anapana Meditation is and will have a taste of this meditation for about 15 minutes. Both the introduction and instruction will be played from a recording of my meditation teacher Mr. S.N. Goenkaji who has passed away in 2013. This tour is not intended to make any money, but purely to share with you an ancient meditation technique that benefits me so much. In this tradition of meditation, the course is always free as it is so invaluable that no price tag can be put on it. Therefore, all the tipping from this tour, exclude those part of the Heygo.com, will be donated to the Hong Kong Vipassana Meditation Centre Limited. Anapana is the first step in the practice of Vipassana meditation. Anapana means observation of natural, normal respiration, as it comes in and as it goes out. It is an easy to learn, objective and scientific technique that helps develop concentration of the mind. Observation of the breath is the ideal object for meditation because it is always available and it is completely non-sectarian. Anapana is very different from techniques that are based on the artificial regulation of breath. There are no rites or rituals involved in the practice or presentation of Anapana. Anapana provides a tool to deal with the fears, anxieties and pressures across all age groups. Besides helping to calm and concentrate the mind, Anapana help people to understand themselves better and gives them an insight into the workings of their own minds. Because of its simplicity, the technique is easy to understand and practice. Guidelines 1) A Mini Anapana session should be conducted in a quiet hall or room suitable for meditation 2) Participants must listen and practice carefully, sitting with their backs straight while maintaining complete silence through out the entire session 3) Neither the person hosting the session nor anyone else should give any other instructions, live or recorded; the only instructions given should be that of Mr. Goenka's Mini Anapana recording 4) There should be no charge whatsoever for attending a Mini Anapana session

Meet Katie Liu

Katie Liu

Come talk to Katie, a local from Hong Kong. She has worked in many different industries as a reporter, interpreter, flight attendant, corporate sales, tarot reader, online dating site scam checker, communication teacher, you name it. All these experiences gave her opportunities and skill sets to communicate with people from all walks of life. Her tour is not only showing you the scenic part of Hong Kong, but more importantly, to act as a bridge to connect you with the local people so you can have a deeper understanding of the culture of Hong Kong.

What to expect

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Reviews from travellers


18 May 2021

Katie mentioned that this meditation tour wouldn't be repeated. It was a wonderful experience. Even though there is no tipping for this session, I tip for other tours that I have taken. And I will tip her well on the next tour that I take with her. I would love to participate in more sessions like this one. Also, I would be open to experiencing other spiritual sessions...

Christina W.

18 May 2021

Katie is a great guide! She is very friendly, thank you!

Angie&Cats(SussexUK) M.

18 May 2021

It was a lovely relaxing meditation with Katie tonight, very chilled and with helpful info at the end if we wanted more. Very nice. Thanks Katie!

Sheila D.

05 May 2021

Thank you for your introduction to meditation.

Sam S.

05 May 2021

An excellent session. Thank you for delivering it to us. We all need some relaxation during these crazy Covid times. It will be great if you could deliver this session to us regularly at times suitable for Europeans too ❤️🌺

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