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Greetings from Melaka, Malaysia


My name is Shaukani Abbas. I am fulltime freelance registered English speaking guide based in Melaka, UNESCO World Heritage City since 1991. I grew up in Melaka and have lived here all my adult years. Guiding is all I do, to me it is a skill, it is an art, it is my passion. As a heritage activist, my mission as a guide is to share a good story of Melaka culture and history and promote responsible tourism. I hope to keep virtual tours going even after normal travel resumes. It’s really enriched my view of what travel can be. Because of the pandemic, everyone thinks this is the end of the travel industry, I think NO, this is the beginning of something new. As a senior tour guide in Malaysia, I received an awarded as Malaysia Best Tour Guide in the year 2010/11 by the Malaysian Government.