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Heygo Review Policy

The Heygo Review Policy is in place to provide:

  • Travellers with an easy way to provide feedback about their experience; and
  • Guides with insight on what customers are enjoying and what might be improved.

Reviews are incredibly important to the platform as they provide a great way to collect feedback that can be used to improve the experience for future travellers. This is invaluable to the guides on the platform because it lends credibility and helps drive sign ups for future tours.

Review Moderation Policy

The Heygo community is governed by a shared set of values and guidelines. Therefore, reviews that clearly violate Heygo’s Community Guidelines will be removed upon assessment by Heygo staff. This includes reviews that Heygo determines are extremely offensive, use profanity or can be considered as a form of harassment.

Removal Review Process and Timeline

If a review is flagged by a traveller or guide, a member of the Heygo team will review it and make a determination on whether it should be removed within 5 business days. We will not always be able to provide follow-up information on our decision.

Please send all requests to guides@heygo.com with “Flag Review” somewhere in the subject line, and in the body of the email provide the tour title and time of tour and a screenshot of the review, if possible.

Future Updates

Heygo is committed to providing an honest and open review system to best serve it’s travellers and guide communities.

We will regularly revisit and update our policies and deploy product improvements to enhance the customer and guide experience.

If you have further questions or suggestions about our policies please email guides@heygo.com




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