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I was born in a little pretty mountainous town of Azilal. The town has several wonderful natural attractions where I used to meet lots of visitors. I always had a chance to talk to them in broken English, though they always understood me. At this point, I realized that there is a job called "tour guide" but, in ordre to become a guide, I should learn several foreign languages, and to be certified Therefore, I begun to meet with few actual guides and started to learn from them about this job. In fact, I liked this job very much, because it gives me a chance to meet lots of visitors from all over the world, and this is the great way to encounter dozens of them so that I would tell them about my culture and they would tell me about theirs. Thus, I went to university to study English literature for three years, and then I applied for the job I liked (tourism guide) even if it was not an easy dream to realize due to the tough tournament between applicants. Yet, I officially became a tourism guide in 2010. I ultimately got what I wanted. I have spent many years guiding tour groups of different nationalities, I loved every tour I have guided so far. In reality, I never got tired of doing this job. It is a job that I grew up with, a job that taught me how to deal with people of different cultures and different mentalities. It is a job that changed my life. I personally believe that there is no better job than mine. It is meaningful for me. I guided people everywhere in Morocco, through large historical cities, desert and mountains. I have made a pile of tremendous experiences with travelers from different corners of the globe throughout the journey of 13 years. My everyday purpose during every tour was to make a journey unforgettable for my travelers. At last, I would like to share one of the cute stories that I had with a traveler. There was a traveler in one of my previous tours to the desert who wanted impatiently to ride a camel even if she was scared of it badly. When the camel ride time comes, of course everyone starts to get on his/her camel but, the frightened traveler was next to her camel hesitating, unsure if she would do it or not, then she began to cry strangely, a few minutes later, and thanks to my insisting on her to move towards the camel and touch it. Few minutes, after back and front, she managed to ride the camel successfully. She considerably loved the experience and she said "if you were not there, I wouldn't do it, thank you so much !" I got a hug for that ! that was a life-changing experience for her. It was just simple gesture however, it meant alot for her. This is one of the secrets of my job, changing people's lives. One of my special characteristics is my love towards my country, its culture and its people.


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