We've moved! Virtualtrips is now

On April 6th, Virtualtrips became Heygo!

Why are we renaming?

What makes this platform and its community of travellers and guides unique is the spirit of fun and friendship we share on the tours.

We quickly realized that the platform doesn’t fit into an easily defined bucket. It’s different from anything else out there and that makes it harder to define, so we decided that we needed to forge our own path.

For thousands of people, we are breaking down the barriers to discovery and bringing the world closer together. That’s special and we needed a brand that’s fun, lively, and aspirational to match that mission!

How did we decide on the name?

Heygo is, at its core, the combination of ‘hey’ and ‘go’ and all the positivity that comes with those words. It’s friendly, social and aspirational.

It embodies the spirit of openness, curiosity and friendship that is central to what makes us, us.

How did we decide on the logo?

If you don’t see it already, you will in a second!

For the entire team and everyone we’ve seen interact with the platform, the first reaction people have when they join a tour is to smile.

We wanted to capture that smiling face in our name - so hopefully you see a bit of yourself in there :)

What’s next?

Cosmetically the website will be migrating to the new color scheme and domain at 7am London time on April 6th. From that day onwards, if you land on www.virtualtrips.io you will be automatically redirected to www.heygo.com.

If you were previously logged in, you will be prompted to log in again. You will have the option to reset your password in case it’s been a while since you last used it.

In the meantime, the team will continue to work hard to make your experience of discovery even better, stay tuned for further exciting updates.

So let’s heygo together!