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Heygo guide holding a gimbal in Brazil

Connect with a global audience & earn money livestreaming your passion

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Who we are

A world-sharing livestreaming platform for interactive travel & culture experiences

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Why go LIVE?

Heygo guide holding gimbal in Prague
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Share your world

Heygo is built for anyone with a story, lesson, talent — any passion at all — to share. If that’s you, you’re in the right place.

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Build real connections

Go deeper with your community while building a new one through the stories and curiosities you share, not likes and view counts.

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Earn from day one

On average, Heygo streams earn 30x more revenue per view than YouTube thanks to tips. No ads necessary.

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...All from the app

Add our easy-to-use platform with your cell phone, stabilizer, and passion and you’re good to go.

Who is it for?

If you’re a creator, explorer, performer, expert, or guide (or would like to be), Heygo will connect you and your audience on a whole new level.

With your own livestreaming channel that puts your passion — your world — on full, immersive display in real-time, there’s no limit to what you can stream and who you can reach...

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“The Heygo community fuels my heart to open up and share a piece of my life”

— Alex, Guide, Australia

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Know someone who’d be a great guide?

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